The Rubbish Claims of Qadiyani

Islam Reigns

Mirza Gulaam Ahmed Qadiyani was born in 1893 in Qadiyan, India. He made many claims amongst which was “the final messenger of Allah”. He claimed to be a prophet during the time when the British were ruling over India. The Deobandi scholars left no stones unturned and exposed the falsehood of this group in the Indian subcontinent.

Today his followers are called “Qadiyani’s” and are mainly funded by the British government.

1. Mirza Gulaam claimed to be a reviver (Mujadid), then claimed to be Imam Mahdi, then prophet Esa, then Maryam AS then Allah then claimed to be a Nabi and finally a Rasool of Allah.

2. Mirza claimed to receive revelation (Wahee) by 2 angels called “Teechi Teechi” and “Khayraati”.

3. His revelation was supposedly in 5 languages: English, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi and Sanskrit (you’ll understand why it had to be in Sanskrit which is the mother language of…

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