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The Wahhabi erroneously (and blasphemously) believes that the Creator “rose above” and is now is situated upon (or over) the `Arsh (while at the same time he LITERALLY believes that Allah is situated beneath Prophet Jesus for part of the night).

FIRST PRINCIPLE: Allah is One. Allah is the Creator. Allah is Beginningless–Allah existed before the creations. Everything other than Allah is a creation.

SECOND PRINCIPLE: Direction entails the comparison between the POSITION (place) of one SPATIAL ENTITY (object) in relation to another spatial entity.

THIRD PRINCIPLE: Place is not Allah. Place is something other than Allah. Place is a CREATION. Allah existed BEFORE place existed.

FOURTH PRINCIPLE: Allah is Eternal–hence, Allah is not subject change or development. Change entails a COMING INTO BEING. Whatever comes into being is ORIGINATED. Allah and His Attributes are NOT ORIGINATED.

FIFTH PRINCIPLE: Allah was existing before place…

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