Signs of the Ulamaa-e-Soo

Back in 2016, someone once asked the late Mufti A.H. Elias عليهِاللِرحمة how
people are to know whether an Aalim is on Haqq or on Baatil. How will
they know whether he is from the Ulamaa-e-Haqq or the Ulamaa-e-Soo. In his response, Mufti Elias عليهِاللِرحمة gave 12 signs which are the hallmarks of the Ulamaa-e-Soo; thus, if you see even some of those signs within a person, then he is definitely not from theUlamaa-e-Haqq. We shall present these
12 signs with some commentary, In Shaa Allaah.

  1. Being Anti-Jihaad.
    Any Mufti, Maulana, Shaykh, or “Hadhrat” on the surface of the earth who is anti-Jihaad is most definitely from the Ulamaa-e-Soo. Being anti-Jihaad does not only mean rejecting Jihaad outright by saying “it’s not part of Islaam”, as is the case with most of the “Mozlems” in places like America, Canada, etc. Rejecting Jihaad is also when a Molvi attempts to alter the true meaning of Jihaad, which refers to fighting, into other meanings. Whenever the term “Jihaad fee Sabeelillaah” is used in the Qur’aan and in the Ahaadeeth, it ONLY means to fight. When the term “Jihaad fee Sabeelillaah” is used, it does not refer to going out in the Tableegh Jamaat, or going to some Khanqah to take Bay’t by some “Pir” or “Shaykh”, etc. Da`wah, Tableegh and Tasawwuf are integral parts of Islaam; in fact, they are compulsory. This does not mean, however, that a person can take Aayaat and Ahaadeeth on Jihaad and claim that they are referring to Tableegh, just as a person cannot take Aayaat and Ahaadeeth which speak about purifying the Nafs (wa Yuzakkeehim) and say that it refers to fighting. This constitutes Tahreef of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. Throughout the world today, the Ulamaa-e-Soo have done their best to alter the meaning of the word “Jihaad”. Each sell-out deviant peddles his own concocted view of what Jihaad is, aimed at pleasing his Kuffaar masters. Let it be known: Rasoolullaah وسلمِعليهِاللِصلى fought in more than 28 battles in his life. Sahaabah-e-Kiraam fought in Jihaad throughout their lives. Furthermore, the Jihaad fought by Sahaabah-e-Kiraam after Rasoolullaah وسلمِعليهِاللِصلى left this Dunyaa to go on to the Aakhirah, was not a “defensive Jihaad”. Some vile morons make the ridiculous claim that the only Jihaad which exists in Islaam is “defensive Jihaad”. Shaytaan regularly urinates and excretes in their ears, hence their brains have become “vermiculated”. As a result, despite being so-called “Ulamaa” they only spew out ghuthaa (rubbish; filth; trash). In the first place, Badr was an offensive battle, not a defensive one. Sahaabah-e-Kiraam had gone out to raid the caravan of the Quraysh, and as a result of that the Battle of Badr ensued. In later years, the battles Sahaabah-e-Kiraam fought against Rome and Persia were all offensive battles, not defensive ones. However, these agents of Iblees try their best to deny undeniable facts.
  2. Halaalazing Tasweer (taking images of animate beings).
  3. Halaalizing videos.
    This falls under the above point, but one difference between the two is that there are those of the Ulamaa-e-Soo who claim that pictures of animate beings are only Haraam if they’re printed out and available in a physical form, whereas if you store these pictures on your computer, then there is no problem. Furthermore, they feel that the Ahaadeeth on Tasweer (picture making) does not include videos or live-streaming, so some of them accept video making whilst rejecting static pictures.
  4. Appearing on TV.
    There is no such thing as “Islaamic TV Channels”. This is a fallacy of the
    Morons-of-Soo. Certain Molvis appear on these TV shows, trying to be
    “Celebrity Shaykhs”.
  5. Halaalizing commercial chickens.
    Here, Mufti Elias عليهِاللِرحمة was referring to the so-called “Halaal Certifying
    Bodies” (which in reality are Carrion Certifying Bodies) that certify every
    kind of maytah (carrion). He gave an example of Rainbow chickens. The
    facts are there for any person who sincerely wishes to know the truth. Those who claim that the chickens are slaughtered in accordance with the Sharee`ah’s method of Dhabah (slaughter) are liars and deluded. A brief glance at some of their statistics shows the manifest falsehood of their claims. Rainbow slaughters approximately 300,000 chickens a day, and they have only 8 or 9 slaughterers to slaughter all of these chickens, which means each slaughterer has to recite “Bismillaahi Allaahu Akbar” more than 30,000 times. Other factors which render these commercially slaughtered chickens Haraam includes: 1) the stunning, which in many cases leaves the chicken dead even before its neck has been cut, along with the fact that stunning itself is Haraam even if the chicken were to not die from it, 2) the chickens are fed carrion, i.e. dead chickens converted into feed, 3) the slaughters themselves have confessed that, on account of the line-speed being increased, there are chickens that go pass them on the line without even being slaughtered. These chickens die from electrocution and are obviously carrion. If you have 300,000 chickens, and even one single chicken had died before being slaughtered, and you do not know which chicken it was, then just that one factor alone renders all 300,000 chickens Haraam, because any chicken you consume could be the chicken which had not been slaughtered.
  6. “Muslim Schools”.
    There are no “Muslim Schools”. This is a fallacy which has been exposed.
    More Haraam takes place at the so-called “Muslim Schools” than even at the Kuffaar schools.
  7. “Islaamic Banks” – Halaalizing Ribaa.
    These are the Molvis who resemble Bani Israa’eel and are experts at finding “loop-holes” to legalise Ribaa and dupe the masses by quoting Arabic terms and Usooli terminologies. They are generally employed by the banks. There are no “Islaamic Banks”, only Ribaa institutes that give themselves Islaamic sounding names.
  8. Sympathising with Kaafirs and Deviants.
    This refers to the Taariq Jameel species of “Ulamaa-e-Soo”. Iblees is very
    pleased with their work. Under the guise of so-called “Unity”, they strike up friendships with Shaytaan and Kuffaar groups such as the Shias, as well as with the deviant groups. This is done by them in order to destroy the true Islaam, by having Muslims “assimilate” and “integrate” with the Kuffaar groups. They are happy to sit with Kaafir Shias who insult Allaah Taaalaa, insult Rasoolullaah وسلمِعليهِاللِصلى ,insult and curse the wives of Rasoolullaah وسلمِعليهِاللِصلى and Sahaabah-e-Kiraam, and even insult the very Ahl-e-Bayt they falsely claim to love. No one insults and mocks at HadhratAli ِاللِرضي عنه more than the Shias do.
    Hadhrat Thanvi عليهِاللِرحمة used to say: “Understand properly that unity is only needed and deemed praiseworthy when it is beneficial for Deen, and disunity is only frowned upon when it is detrimental to Deen. When unity is harmful for Deen and disunity is beneficial for Deen, then at that point, disunity shall be sought. The people of this world have clearly understood this reality in their daily activities. Thus, in a court
    case, when a plaintiff and defendant raise their matter to a court for arbitration, then neither of the two is told, “Abjure your claim, because it has created disunity between the two of you and disunity is discouraged”. Rather, the rule is that the person who is in contradiction of the Truth (Haqq) is told, ‘Return towards the Haqq and abandon your
    insistence upon the view that is in conflict with the Haqq’. In fact, in some matters, if the plaintiff forgoes his claim, then the government becomes the plaintiff and defends the Haqq.”
  9. Pro Inter-Faith Dialogue.
    Interfaith is Kufr. For details regarding this, read “The Interfaith Trap of Kufr” by Maulana A.S. Desai, Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa. Interfaith is an ideology on its own.
    The fundamental basis of the inter-faith ideology, as outlined by The
    Institute of Interfaith Dialog (IID) is:
     “The premise of interfaith dialogue is that all religions are equally legitimate.”
     “No religion possesses absolute truth.”
     Tolerance
     Inter-Faith dialogue and conversation
     No dogmatism and criticism of any individual’s spiritual concepts,
    beliefs, etc.
     Unity of religions
    These beliefs are Kufr and those who believe in it are Murtaddeen.
    10.Intermingling of Men and Women.
    It has become the norm nowadays for even so-called “Islaamic Events” to
    have intermingling of men and women. This is Haraam and those who
    organise such events and those who take part in it are all equally from the Ulamaa-e-Soo, not the `Ulamaa-e-Haqq.
  10. Scholars for Dollars.
    These are the “Tujjaar-ud-Deen” (those who sell the Deen to make money).
    They trade in the Deen. They use the Deen of Islaam as merchandise to
    purchase the Dunyaa. For the sake of the donations their organisations
    receive, they are prepared to sell-out the Deen of Islaam and throw their
    Aakhirah away. They grovel at the feet of the rulers, like dogs hoping for a bone.
  11. Popularity Seekers.
    Majority of the Molvis of today fall under this category. Everything is done with the intention of acquiring name and fame, publicity, to “be in the limelight”. Furthermore, they wish to be in everyone’s good books even if that means concealing the Haqq or openly propagating Baatil and Kufr. They know that if they proclaim the Haqq they will immediately lose all of that popularity, all of their followers, all of those donations coming to them will dry up, etc., so they try to create a “religion” that will please everyone, Kuffaar and Muslims alike, which is an impossible task. Allaah Taaalaa says in the Qur'aan Kareem: {"Never will the Yahood and Nasaaraa be pleased with you until you follow their Millat..."} The Shias too will not be pleased with you until you become a Shia. Try as they may to appease the Shias, the Shia Kaafirs will always hate them in their hearts until these Murtadd grovelers give up any pretence of being a "Sunni" and wholly embrace Shi'ism. The same goes for those trying to appease any other Kaafir group or Baatil group. Every Aalim has a choice: He can either please Allaah Taaalaa or he can please people. If you try to please people at the expense of displeasing Allaah Taaalaa, you will be destroyed, and if you please Allaah Taaalaa, immediately many people – the agents of Shaytaan –
    will hate you. An Aalim of Haqq, however, is entirely unconcerned with the pleasure or displeasure of the people. His focus is only ever on the Pleasure of Allaah Taaalaa. If, as a result of pleasing Allaah Taaalaa the entire world comes to hate him, then that is his Jannah. Mufti Elias عليهِاللِرحمة also used to say: 1) One must note that the tafarrudaat (exceptions) of the pious, even if they be "elders and seniors", do not constitute Deen or Shareeah.
    2) The action, speech, inspiration or dream of any pious person, especially in our age, does not constitute Shareeah. 3) The law of the Shareeah does not depend on “majority opinion”.
    4) Meat products are Haraam until proven to be Halaal.
    5) Beware of those Ulamaa who hold high positions but silently support
    Baatil from the back.
    6) You as a Muslim are fully entitled to ask the Aalim, humbly, the Shari proof of what he is asking you to do. 7) People ask, "Are you saying that Hadhrat So-and-So is wrong?!" Yes, he is wrong. 8) Some guidelines will help (in identifying who are theUlamaa-e-Haqq).
    See who is doing what, and why:
     Is it done to get and maintain “market share”, like the “Mass Itikaaf" and "Salaatul Istisqaa";  Is it done for commercial gains, benefits and privileges, like "Making Halaal commercial chickens", "Muslim Schools", so-called "Islaamic Banks";  Is it done to sustain "turf", like "congregational loud Zikr done in unison in the Masjid"?  In Ibadaat, see whether that action was done within the period of 220 AH. If not done, discard. I have heard my 'Ustaad', Allamah Mufti Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri, the current Sheikul Hadith of Darul Uloom Deoband, say that he personally heard Hadhrat Moulana Manzoor Nomani (A.R.) say that we Deobandis have/are slowly slipping towards Barelvism, that now there is just a 'balish' (from tip of middle finger till end of palm) distance left, "thus we must be extremely cautious." [End quote.] And Allaah Taaalaa knows best.
  • Muhammad Huzaifah ibn Adam aal-Ebrahim

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