Protection Even For Transgressors!

Once, Hazrat Zunnun Misri (Rahmatullahi alaih) was at the riverbank
washing his clothes. Suddenly he saw a huge scorpion coming towards
him. Fearing the scorpion, he supplicated to Allah Ta’ala for protection.
However, the scorpion rushed to the edge of the water where a huge frog
had emerged. It clambered on top of the frog which immediately began
swimming towards the other bank.
Hazrat Zunnun, taking Allah’s Name, stepped on to the water and
followed the frog and scorpion. When the frog reached the opposite side,
the scorpion leapt off and hastily proceeded forward. Hazrat Zunnun
followed it until they reached a large tree. Under the tree, a young man
was asleep. A huge snake was about to strike the sleeping man. The
scorpion attacked the snake, and ultimately killed it. Thereafter, the
scorpion returned to the riverbank where the frog was still waiting. It
jumped on to the frog which swam towards the opposite side to drop the
Meanwhile, Hazrat Zunnun went to inspect the sleeping man. He
discovered that the man was intoxicated. Hazrat Zunnun wondered in
amazement how Allah Ta’ala had protected this person despite his gross
When the sleeping man opened his eyes, Hazrat Zunnun showed him the
dead serpent lying nearby, and he explained the wonderful manner in
which Allah Ta’ala had protected him. The young man repented. He went
to discard the garments of the transgressors which he was wearing and
donned the simple attire of the pious ones. Then he devoted his life to
obedience and Ibaadat until Maut (death) claimed him.

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