questions for hadith rejectors

Dealing with some characters from the so-called Qur’anist Cult (Hadith-Rejectors). When dealing with them, you don’t want to get into long debates about Qur’anic Verses–for they make up meanings as they go along. You want to expose the faulty nature of their whole methodology. The following questions we’re posed to them… for which they never provided answers:

—Which Muhammad are you speaking of? [They frequently disregard history.]

—When did he live? [Again, by their method, they can’t prove (without external sources) the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam) ever lived)]

And they were asked:

—Who numbered the Verses of the Qur’an? [They arbitrarily will accept certain things and reject others]

—How did they learn the rules related to Tajweed–and with whom did they recite the Qur’an so that they would know they are reciting properly? How would they know where to stop when reciting?

–And how did you come to be able to read the Qur’an and understand it without the i`jaam and harakaat? [I`jaam = dots on letters. Of course, they can’t read such Books–if they can find one. So, in reality–according to THEIR method–they are not actually reading the Qur’an]

***The point of raising these questions is that the so-called “Qur’anists” claim the Hadiths of the Prophet should not be followed. Now aside from the issues of Fiqh, like, how would a person pray, when would they pray, what would invalidate one’s wudu‘, how would one perform istinja’, how would one perform Hajj, or how would one perform a marriage contract, etc., the Hadith-Rejector STILL requires Islamic scholarship to read—much less understand—the Qur’an. And when it comes to Prophetic biography and Fiqh, a so-called “Qur’anist” can’t answer the above mentioned questions—without referring to traditional Islamic scholarship and the Hadith of the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam).

These rejectors of the Sanctified Sunnah will tell Muslims to remain ignorant of these essential matters. Or the Hadith-Rejectors will tell the people to follow THEIR (i.e., Hadith-Rejectors) OWN OPINIONS about how these matters should be done…. So, in reality, the Hadith-Rejctors aren’t calling people to follow the “Qur’an only”–rather, they are calling the people to follow THEIR (Hadith-Rejectors) OPINIONS about the Qur’an–while rejecting and disparaging the scholarship of 1,400 years of learned, pious, wise Muslim men and women.***

In summary, the methodology Hadith-Rejectors is bankrupt and is ultimately a call to ignorance and doubt, which leads many of them to becoming open atheists. May Allah protect us from their demonic ideology.

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