“Fish Gelatine is a unique alternative to traditional mammalian gelatine. It is available in South Africa for the first time. (Note: All mammalian gelatine is Haraam – The Majlis).

Fish Gelatine is much more widely accepted, is the most superior gelatine available today and is quickly gaining popularity around the world as the ideal alternative to traditional mammalian gelatine, especially in terms of safety, health, nutritional value and functionality. The superior grade of fish gelatine produced by our manufacturers is high in demand.

Here are 11 incredible benefits of gelatine (Supported by Science):

JOINTS & LIGAMENTS – Heals joints, repairs ligaments and damaged tissues, relief from chronic bone pain were reported in as little as 7 days of taking fish gelatine!
HAIR, NAIL & TEETH HEALTH – Spin-off benefits include shiny, healthy hair & nails. Prevents hair loss and strengthens nails & teeth
GUT HEALTH & DIGESTIVE AID – Gelatine has the ability to heal a leaky gut syndrome and maintains a healthy gut barrier
LIVER HEALTH – Impacts detox and liver function
HEART & BRAIN HEALTH – One of the best ways to lower homocysteine’s effect on the body is to consume more gelatin.
SKIN / ANTI-AGING & CELLULITE – Replaces collagen loss. Tightens skin, reduces & prevents wrinkles
PREVENTS & REVERSES ARTHRITIS & GOUT – Just 10 grams of gelatine daily is enough for optimal health
WEIGHT LOSS- Supports weight management and just 10 grams daily leaves you full!
BONE STRENGTH – Supports bone formation & improves calcium absorption.
BODYBUILDING – Gelatine provides glycine and proline, bodybuilders have also been consuming gelatin for decades to help improve joint health and reduce inflammation
BOOSTS METABOLISM & IMMUNE HEALTH – The Glutamine found in gelatine helps build a strong, stable immune system

QUESTION: What are the directions and dosage of fish gelatine?
Dosage: For optimal health, take 2 teaspoons daily (preferably before meals) Directions: Step 1: Soak the fish gelatine in a little cold water for at least 2 minutes (the longer the better), it is convenient to soak it overnight and take it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Step 2: Dissolve in hot liquid (tea, coffee, cereal, soup or even plain hot water). Stir and drink immediately.

QUESTION: Does Gelatine & Collagen have the same health benefits?
Answer: Yes! When it comes to the health benefits of gelatin and collagen, they are identical! Both have the exact same Amino Acid profile (The essential component that makes the gelatine & collagen so good for your health). The word “Collagen” is everywhere in the news, plastered all over and is all the hype. It is being promoted as the new superfood and fountain of youth. Many don’t realise that Gelatine is actually the ORIGINAL Collagen!

QUESTION: Can this be used as both a health supplement and as an ingredient in recipes that call for gelatine?
Yes! It can be used in both applications. Gelatine is in fact much more versatile than the pricey collagen powders on the market, apart from being a superfood and health supplement, gelatine is used in dessert making, candy making and even for hair lamination, face masks and crafts, unlike collagen which can only be used as a health supplement as it has been processed further to remove the original function of “gelling”. Another pro is that Gelatine is actually much much more reasonably priced, making it more feasible and affordable to include in your daily diet.

QUESTION: If gelatine is the original collagen, why are collagen supplements all the hype and so much more expensive than gelatine?
The promotion of “Collagen” instead of Gelatine has been funded by industry, for the simple fact that promoting the basic pantry ingredient Gelatine (which provides the exact same results), would be of little interest (in terms of profit) to the industry and world health and cosmetic companies.

QUESTION: Does it taste or smell fishy?
No, our fish gelatine is completely odourless, tasteless and unflavoured and is absolutely pleasant to consume.

QUESTION: Where is the Fish Gelatine manufactured?
We source exclusively from our HSC Halal / OU Kosher certified plant in China and independently test each batch locally at our labs in Cape Town.

QUESTION: Is it made from wild or farm-raised fish?
The raw material is made from the highest quality of fish, 100% halal and kosher Cichlid Tilapian. Farm raised in purified water, non GMO, kosher supervised. These are fully traceable.
We do not use wild caught fish as Marine collagen made from wild-caught fish can be contaminated with heavy metals since wild fish are exposed to high levels of mercury making it unsuitable especially in the health market.
Furthermore, the Cichlid Tilapian fish species proved to be the best to produce Gelatine because of its high protein content and being a warm water fish, it was the best selection.

QUESTION: Does it have any side effects?
No, fish gelatine has no side effects and is 100% safe to take even if you’re on other medications or chronic medications.

QUESTION: I’m allergic to fish and seafood, can I still consume the fish derived gelatine?
Yes! Fortunately one can safely consume the fish gelatine even if they are allergic to fish/seafood. The reason for this is because of the complex process it goes through to become gelatine. Nevertheless, as with anything, if one experiences any discomfort or negative effects, discontinue use. So far, there has not been a single documented report on any sort of negative effects from taking gelatine.
QUESTION: Is it safe for kids and during pregnancy?

Yes, fish gelatine is safe during pregnancy, lactation and is suitable for children of all ages.

QUESTION: Can I still take the gelatine if I have a chronic condition such as diabetes, cholesterol or a heart condition and on medication?
Yes! You can safely consume the gelatine. In fact, gelatine has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, autoimmune diseases, etc. Gelatine has no contraindications.
Fish gelatine maintains heart health, strengthens the gut and lowers inflammation.

QUESTION: Which gelatine is most effective for health? Fish or Beef/Bovine Gelatine?
Fish gelatine is made up of Collagen Type I (which makes up 70% of the collagen in our bodies). It is the best type of gelatine for skin, hair, nail and joint health.
Furthermore, for collagen to be absorbed quickly and effectively, molecular weight matters and while bovine- and other mammalian-derived gelatine can be effective, a 2015 study found that fish gelatine enters the bloodstream more rapidly and is absorbed up to one-and-a-half times more efficiently because of it’s low molecular weight.

QUESTION: How long will it take to work?

Some have noticed results in as little as 7 days, others may need to take it for at least 6 weeks before experiencing results. Consistency is the key.
QUESTION: It really worked! Do I now need to include it in my daily diet for life?
You don’t need to but it will be extremely beneficial for people 35 and older, remember with age, the body produces less collagen. The structural integrity of the skin declines. Wrinkles form, and joint cartilage weakens. Women experience a dramatic reduction in collagen synthesis after menopause. By the age of 60 years, a considerable decline in collagen production is normal. So, by adding gelatine to your daily diet, it will improve the skin’s appearance and joint functions naturally. So if you’re 40 or older, consider taking it as part of your daily diet for optimal wellness.
What others have to say about our Fish Skin Gelatin

Mum is 71 years old and has been suffering from arthritis of the hands, back and knee. She could barely walk, was in a lot of pain and was unable to be on her feet for very long. She used to hold onto the walls for support while walking. On the 6th Feb 2020, mum started taking the Fish Gelatine, six weeks later we noticed a huge improvement! She can now walk, be on her feet for much longer periods during the day and is not in severe pain anymore! She is thrilled and will continue having the Fish Gelatine!

Over the past 20 years my husband has been suffering with joint pain, swelling, gout, old sports injuries. We’ve been through years of anti-inflammatories, tried a gazillion natural supplements, lotions and potions. We were beginning to lose all hope until recently, I stumbled upon the benefits of gelatine, I then discovered Fish Gelatine right here in South Africa! I went online and purchased it immediately. It has been only 5 days since Adrian has started taking the gelatine and this in itself is a magic miracle! His ankle bone is usually the size of a golf ball and is right down to normal. His feet from aching all the time to no pain! The product speaks for itself and is pure and painless to take. It is fantastic to see and feel it working almost immediately!

I take just 1 teaspoon of the Fish Gelatine in hot cereal every morning. It’s really helping my knees and shoulder joints. I don’t have so much pain as before!

I have been suffering with Piriformis Syndrome, a condition in which the piriformis muscle (located in the buttock region) spasms and causes buttock pain. The piriformis muscle also caused irritation to the nearby sciatic nerve, causing pain, numbness and tingling along the back of the leg and into the foot (similar to sciatic pain). Just a week of taking the Fish Gelatine and I feel an easing up of these spasms and tendon discomfort. The spin off benefits for skin, hair and nails are the cherry on the top. Best investment, my husband and I will continue to take it every morning for the rest of our lives. I highly recommend you get some to see and feel the benefits for yourselves!

My dad is 59 years old and has been suffering from arthritis of the knee, wrist pain in both hands, he has tried various ointments, etc, everything gave temporary relief. I introduced him to the amazing Fish Gelatine and he’s never looked back. I quote “all those nagging aches and pains have gone.” He’s had amazing results and fast relief.

The fish gelatine worked as an excellent alternative to bovine gelatine in my marshmallows. My customer circle widened and I got better reviews in terms of texture and taste! Thank you, using your ingredient in my products has opened a new portal for me.

It’s the best gelatine I’ve ever used in all my years of confectionery and dessert making. It worked wonders and enhanced the taste and texture of my desserts. Everything I made using your fish gelatine turned out superb! Thank you so much!

8 Zul Hajj 1441 – 29 July 2020

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