Naseehat for women in general


by: Hakeemul Ummah Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (Rahmatullah Alayh)

Do not approach near acts of shirk. Never indulge in customs, charms and talismans of superstition. Do not engage in the customary practices of Faatiha and Niyaz which are organized in the names of saints. Do not take vows (minnat) on the names of saints.

Do not organize or participate in the un-Islamic customs which are customarily organized on the occasions of Muharram, Arafah, Shabe Baraa’t, etc.

Observe Islamic purdah in regard to all those ordered by the Shariah, even if the man happens to be your Shaikh. Purdah for the Shaikh is essential. Purdah is also essential for al ghair mahram males, even cousins, brothers-in-laws, and adopted brothers. Observe rigid purdah in regard to them.

Do not adopt un-Islamic dress. Cover the entire body thoroughly and do not don transparent or semi-transparent garments. Do not imitate the non-Muslims in attire. Do not expose the hair on the head. However, it is permissible to uncover the hair in the presence of only Muslim women, parents ,brothers and one’s children. Do not gaze at ghair mahram males.

Do not attend social functions such as weddings, engagements, aqeeqah, birthday parties, khatams, etc. nor organize such gatherings and functions at your home.

Do not render any deed for namesake and show. Guard your tongue against gheebat (scandalling, back-biting, gossiping and generally speaking ill of others).

Perform the daily five Salaat regularly and punctually immediately the time for Salaat commences. Perform Salaat with composure and concentration, not in haste. Perform Ruku’ and Sajdah properly.

After cessation of the monthly periods, be careful of missing out any Salaat properly.

After cessation of the monthly periods, be careful of missing out any Salaat.

If you have any gold or silver jewellery, pay the Zakaat thereon. Study the Kitaab, Bihishti Zewer and act accordingly.

Obey your husband and be not ungrateful. Do not spend of his wealth without his consent.

Never listen to singing and music. Daily recite a part of the Qur’an Shareef.

Before reading any kitaab, firstly ascertain the authenticity and reliability of the book from some Aalim.

Extract from: Qasdus Sabeel Ilal Maulal Jaleel – The straight path to Al-Maulaa il Jaleel ( Allah, The Friend, The Protector, The Glorious)

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