Q. In U.K. there is a Madrasah where the Ustaadhs (Maulanas) are complaining about the low wages they are being paid. Many of these Ustaadhs are men of Taqwa who would not want to work in institutions where there are females. This madarsah mosque management even pays some of the cleaners higher salaries. This situation prevails in almost all of these Islamic schools. What are your comments?
A. The ‘maulanas’ mentioned by you are not men of Taqwa. Taqwa is not restricted to segregation from females. If they had true Taqwa, they would not complain about the small wage they earn. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “If you have true Tawakkul (Trust) on Allah, He will provide your Rizq as He does for the birds. They (the birds) leave their nests in the morning hungry, and by the evening they return fully satiated.”
Rizq is pre-ordained and fixed. Whatever wage these Ustaadhs receive is their Rizq sent to them via the management by Allah Ta’ala. Complaining is a display of ingratitude for the Rizq provided by Allah Ta’ala. The Maulanas should resort to Dua and be contented with whatever they receive. If they feel that the wage is too little, then they should search for an alternative source of income. But they should not complain. The focus of men of Taqwa is not on people. It is on Allah Ta’ala. Men of Taqwa understand that only Allah Ta’ala is the Raaziq and whatever they earn is the amount of Rizq Allah Ta’ala has ordained for them. These maulanas whom you describe as men of Taqwa are in reality mercenaries who pursue the dunya with the Deen. That is why they are complaining. They should not cast avaricious eyes at the higher salaries of the cleaners. These cleaners are receiving their Rizq from Allah Ta’ala. Their higher salaries have been ordained for them by Allah Ta’ala. It is the attitudes of hasad (jealousy) and ingratitude which constrain people to complain and to compare themselves with others. The Hadith advises us to look at those who have lesser bounties than us, not at those who have more. If this advice is heeded, there will be no complaint in the hearts of men of Taqwa. Minus this attitude, there is no Taqwa.

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