Question: A friend says that the birth of Nabi Isaa (Alayhis salaam) was not miraculous because according to the scientists it is possible for a woman to give birth asexually, i.e. without the normal and natural way of reproduction. What is the status of this friend? In Ma’aariful Qur’aan there is corroboration for the asexual theory expounded by the scientists.

Answer (By Mujlisul Ulama):

Your friend has committed kufr. He should repent and renew his Imaan. Regardless of something being the effect of Allah’s created natural laws, if that thing comes into existence at the command of Allah Azza Wa Jal, without the operation of the natural laws, it will be a miracle. For example: A woman is barren and cannot beget children. She has been married for more than 30 years, but no children. Then a Buzrug made Dua for her or gave her a Ta’weez. As a result, she conceived and gave birth to a child. This child is the effect of a miracle although medicine did not have the ability to cure her barrenness.

The possibility of a woman giving birth to a child without the intervention of a male is contrary to the natural laws created by Allah Ta’ala. Human beings are not asexual. Thus, there are no recorded asexual births. And, if there is any such record it will be extremely rare, and it will be classified as abnormal.

Regarding Hadhrat Nabi Isa (Alayhis salaam), he was not the product of any asexual trait in his mother, Hadhrat Maryam (Alayhis salaam). Prior to being conceived, his mother was informed by the Angel that she will be giving birth to a child by Allah’s command. Thus, regardless of the extremely rare existence of the asexual factor in human beings, the birth of Hadhrat Isaa (Alayhis salaam) is Miraculous in view of it being by the direct command of Allah Ta’ala.

It is normal and natural for rain to fall from the sky. However, during a severe drought when there is no hope whatsoever for rain, if a Buzrug makes dua and the rain pours suddenly in torrents in response to his dua, it will be said that it is a miracle despite rain falling from the sky being a natural phenomenon.

What is written in Ma-aariful Qur’aan and other Tafaaseer is merely to show to the atheists that such a birth is not an impossibility even according to natural laws, hence rejection of Hadhrat Isaa’s miraculous birth is an exhibition of gross moronity, and scientists who are among the worst morons are in rejection of even the Existence of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

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