Q. Over the last few years with the advancement of technology, sending messages and
remaining in contact with family and friends have become easy and convenient.
In recent years it has become the habit of family members to wish one another
“Jumuah Mubarak” or “May your Jumuah be blessed and your duas accepted” or “have
a blessed day filled with piety and ibadaat” etc., etc.
Everyone that I have asked know that this is not a sunnah act. So why do it?
They reply that it is a way of showing love and care for family and close friends. People that receive such whatsapp messages say that they appreciate that the sender is thinking of them. Is this wrong and should we desist from sending Jumuah messages?
The following was a message sent to me:
Mufti Taqi on sending Jumu’ah Mubarak: (I’ll paraphrase)
“Nowadays it has become very common that people spread messages of Jumu’ah
Mubarak especially on social media. 25yrs from now people will think it is compulsory
or some form of Sunnah and they will begin to belittle those who don’t say it or send
it. This is wrong. Allah’s Rasool never did this, nor did the Sahaabah.
This is becoming a new bid’ah of our time. We don’t need to say Jumu’ah Mubarak to anyone and if anyone sends us a message, we should clarify this to them. Every
bid’ah starts with very small things but later develops into a very big fitnah.”
Please comment. Is this practice valid in terms of the Shariah?

A. Mufti Taqi’s answer is adequate. It is not valid nor is it permissible to fabricate this or
any other similar practice into the Deen as if it is an act of ibaadat.

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