A Concerned Brother from Newcastle complains:

May you Allah preserve you and reward you abundantly.

Jamiah Darul Uloom Newcastle Musjid personnel prohibits us from performing salah standing shoulder to shoulder.

One would think a Darul Uloom would uphold the Sunnah and hold firm on the Quran. The opposite is true. The gaps they the authorities have made and we are forced to pray our salah are so horrendous and despicable.

Some Mussalees are standing literally five meters apart. It is such a disgusting and incomprehensible situation to be in. Wallahi this is insanity in the extreme. Words fail me. How can our salah ever be accepted and complete ? What answer will we give to our Rabb on yaumul qiyamah ?

Are we so pathetic and weak that we grovel and worship the filthy regulations that our salah is compromised in this fashion ?

I brought this to the attention to the authorities as I refused to social distance yesterday. I was forced to social distance despite my objections. I was reprimanded and hammered to do so. I do not want to expose their inconsistencies and hypocrisy yet they force us to social distance. I decided to just make sabr and make dua for this to end.

My heart bleeds every single time the imam says Allahu Akbar and we are standing like there is a blazing fire like a trench filled with smoldering coals between us mussallees. The sad reality is that even the mussallees now believe it is incumbent to social distance. The very same mussallees who shout at the top of their voices to social distance are the ones who have massive wholesales yet their customers conveniently do not social distance on their premises. Such is the deplorable state of our affairs.

Kindly proffer advice to those who have made this incomprensible decision and please make dua for us here in Newcastle.


(End of letter)

The gaps are filled by the shayaateen. The Musaajid have become haunts for devils. The haraam ‘social distancing’ evil is being given preference over the command of Allah Ta’ala. In the adoption of this evil is the denial of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Thus, the satanic gaps are KUFR – real KUFR which the Munaafiqeen are implementing at the behest of the atheists.

No one can force a person to adopt this evil act. It is not permissible to join such a congregation engaging in mock ‘salaat’. The Salaat is not valid. Do not attend the Musjid which has been converted into a new style temple. Perform Salaat at home. Form your own Jamaat. If no Jamaat, perform alone, but do not join the Munaafiqeen who are bootlicking the atheists.

23 Shawwaal 1441 – 16 June 2020

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