A young girl died in an epidemic outbreak

Ibn Al-Qayyim, (Rahimahullah) said:
A young girl died in an epidemic outbreak and her father saw her in a dream… So, he said to her: O my daughter, inform me about the hereafter !!!
She replied, “We have arrived here to face a mighty affair, while we used to learn, but didn’t act by what we had learnt. I swear by Allah that a single saying of “Subhaanallaah”, or even a single rak’ah of nafilah being in my record of good deeds is dearer to me than the entire world and all that it contains..”
The girl has indeed said something extremely important. She said
“We used to learn, but didn’t act by what we had learnt”, but many do not understand what she means.
~ We have learnt that, if we say “Subhanallaah wa bihamdihii” a hundred times, our sins would be forgiven, even if they were as much as the foam of the sea. (Yet, several days and nights go by us and yet, we do NOT say these words).
~ We have learnt that, two rak’ahs of Salaatu-Duhaa outweigh 360 acts of sadaqah. (Yet, several days and nights will past us and we do NOT observe Salatul-Duhaa)
~ We have learnt that, whoever voluntarily fasts a single day in the path of Allah, Allah would distance his face from the fire by seven trenches and also distance his face from the fire by seventy khareefs. (Yet, we do NOT observe voluntary fasts)
~ We are aware that, whoever visits a sick person would have 70,000 angels follow him back as he returns home, seeking Allah’s forgiveness for him. (Yet, we have NOT visited the sick this week)
~ We have learnt that, whoever prays upon a dead muslim and follows the dead body to the grave until it is buried would have two Qiiraats of reward; and a Qiiraat is simlar to Mount Uhud in size. (Yet, several weeks go by and we do NOT go to the grave-yards to pray Salatul Janaazah on the dying muslims)
~ We have learnt that, whoever builds a masjid for Allah, even if it is the size of a bird’s nest, Allah would build a house for him in Paradise. (Yet, we do NOT contribute towards the building of masjids; even if it is with as little as 10 naira)
~ We have learnt that, the one who helps a widow and her poor children is like the mujahid fighting in the path of Allah, and like the fasting person who doesnt break his fast at all, and like the one who spends the entire night doing Tahajjud and doesnt sleep at all. (Yet, we do NOT partake in the assistance of widows and their helpless orphans)
~ We have learnt that whoever recites a single letter from the Qur’an would get a hasannah, and a hasanah is recorded in ten folds. (Yet, we do NOT bother to recite the Qur’an everyday)
~ We have learnt that, the one who performs Hajj-Mabruur, his reward is none other than Paradise and he is recompensed by returning back to his homeland, just as the day his mother gave birth to him (i.e. with a clean slate of sins; all his sins washed away). Yet, we do NOT bother to fulfil the rites of Hajj, despite the fact that the rites are easy and have been simplified for us)
~ We have learnt that, the honour of a believer is in his getting up to pray Tahajjud at night, and that the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, his household and companions) were never negligent of observing Tahajjud all through their lives, even though they were pre-occupied with seeking for their livelihoods, and in spreading the religion of Allah. (But as for us, we are extremely negligent in this aspect of worship)
~ We have learnt that, the Day of Judgement is surely approaching; without any doubt, and that Allah would surely raise the occupants of the graves. (Yet, we do NOT prepare for this Great Day.)
~ We bury the dead, and pray janaazah upon them. (Yet, you act heedlessly, as though such a day is NOT meant for you!)
Know, my brother, and my dear sister, that every single breath we take in, moves us closer to our appointed times; to our ends, our DEATHS!
The time has come NOW, at this moment, for us to change our lifestyles and make the best preparation we can for the DAY OF. JUDGEMENT… (The day when a man would run away from his brother, from his mother, from his father, from his wife, and even his own children…) Because every one of them would have more than enough problems of his own to worry about.
So, glad tidings to the one who reads these words, understands them, and HASTENS to WORK with them …
And may Allah (SWT) reward the one who sends them out to others.

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