Social distancing, masks, sanitizers, admission tickets,admission fees, number restrictions, debarring the elderly, checking temperature, etc. – all shaitaaniartefacts of the current shaitaani pandemic of unfounded fear, are all factors of KUFR-KUFR-KUFR.

Insha-Allah, this KUFR which Munaafiq Musjid committees, molvis and imaams have lapped up with bestial relish, shall be discussed and explained in detail in a treatise which shall be published soon. Meanwhile, we present the following guidelines for the Mu’mineen:

(1) If shaitaani gaps in the sufoof (rows) are enforced by the juhala and munaafiqeen, then DO NOT join the fong kong congregation. Salaat will NOT BE VALID.

(2) Sanitizers are impure (naapaak). Salaat is not valid with the application of this impure substance. In all probability the imaam of the fong kong congregation has soiled his hands with the najaasat, hence the Salaat of even those who did not use the najaasat will be invalid.

(3) Do not be registered, and do not accept entry tickets. If the illegitimate progeny of Iblees seeks to enforce this KUFR, go home and perform Salaat even alone within the sanctuary of your home.

(4) Even if it is Jumuah, do not submit to KUFR. Perform Zuhr at home. If you are able to organize your own Jumuah, do so.

(5) In a nutshell: If the Salaat in any Musjid is not conducted as commanded by Allah Ta’ala in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, then do not disgrace yourself by submitting to KUFR and to MOCK ‘prayers’ satanically passed off as ‘Salaat’. What the Munaafiqeen are doing in the Musaajid is NOT SALAAT. It is satanic, KUFR ‘prayers’ of a new KUFR religion in the process of being forged and frauded by the Devil.

The preponderance of Munaafiqeen and Juhala whose Imaan is being eliminated by their submission to KUFR, should render the following Hadith very comprehensible. Reporting the Hadith, Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Amr (Radhiyallahu anhu) said:
“A time shall dawn when the people will gather intheir Musaajid and perform Salaat while not asingle one of them will be a Mu’min.”

DO NOT JOIN A CONGREGATION CONSISTING OF MUNAAFIQEEN, ZANAADAQAH, MURTADDEEN AND SHAYAATEEN (who fill the kilometre gaps) – ALL MASQUERADING AS MUSLIMS. RETURN TO THE MAKKI SUNNAH OF PERFORMING SALAAT AT HOME IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO LOCATE A MUSJID OCCUPIED BY MUSLIMS. “Who is a greater zaalim (oppressor) than the one who prevents the Thikr of Allah in the Musaajid (and added to this villainy) he strives in the destruction of the Musaajid?” (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 114)

11 Shawwaal 1441- 4 June 2020

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