A Brother from the U.K. writes:

The premature closures of the Masajid on Friday 20th March 2020 in the UK, and in some cases earlier, may have been excused on the basis of pressure or confusion, but only if subsequently there had been a call by the trustees and Imams of the Masajids to re-open, particularly in light of the fact that subsequent to the closures, beaches became populated on the May bank holiday weekend; other religious leaders started calling for their places of worship to open and schools opened on 1st June.

The continuing silence on the part of Masjid trustees and Imams, despite the aforementioned incidents and others, seems to negate any excuse that they may have had that the initial closure was based on pressure or confusion. In fact it seems to reinforce the implied narrative that the initial closure was deliberate, intentional and voluntary, based on weakness of faith, particularly where a particular Masjid or Maktab involved is run by the Ulama, who don’t have the excuse of ignorance of the Shar’i rulings. Nobody is saying they should be on the streets protesting with banners like the kuffar, but they could apply pressure by politely speaking up, behaving like an Imam and setting an example to their muqtadis. Even Donald Trump’s call for the Masajid to re-open didn’t rouse the Ulama in the UK from their slumber.
Instead their continuing silence and subservience, bar a handful of Ulama, is demonstrative of the fact that they are not fit to lead the people, and to compound matters, the people’s ignorance precludes them from seeing that the Ulama they have so much blind faith in are not fit to lead them. Either that, or the commoners’ faith is so much weaker than the Ulama, that their conscience is not irked.

Maulana Ilyas (RA’s) famous saying that the destruction of Islam will be from the Muslims has become even more evident during the Covid-19 Plandemic. In future, there is no need for the kuffar to enact legislation to ensure the subservience of the Muslims. This will be delegated to the Ulama themselves. If they can be as meek as a lamb on the basis of a death rate of less than 1%, then it won’t stop them defiling and mangling Shari’ah in the future like the scholars of Bani Isra’eel in order to gain compliance of the masses.
Moving forward, the minority that are Deeni conscious Muslims should inscribe the aforementioned docility, meekness and subservience of the Ulama in their minds and question at the time of seeking guidance whether the person they are seeking tarbiyah from was one of those that behaved like a compliant family pet during this whole Plandemic.
People need to set aside their bias and the hazy fog of Ijma that this is currently one of the biggest Shaykhs in the country. They need to look at his actions and public silence at the time of this plandemic and reach an objective conclusion as to his continuing suitability as a guide.
Alhumdulillah there are a handful of Ulama that promoted or did what they could to preserve the Wajib obligation of congregational Salah until they were compelled to shut down. A handful did try to get the Masajid to reopen on the basis of the primary injunctions found in Surah Baqarah, verse 114 & the Hadith of “La Adwa” amongst other evidences.

These should be our guides going forward, not those that mutilated other Ahadith out of context to try and fit the prevailing secular and scientific narrative.

Unfortunately, blind cattle-like loyalty will preclude many, particularly mureedeen (disciples) from seeing, let alone “Deeni distancing” themselves from their Shaykh, despite him being, as per Tafasir, the equivalent of the Hindu nationalists who made the Babri Masjid shaheed. The Hindus destroyed the structure of the Masjid and that is not unexpected. However, the Shaykhs of today went a step further and extracted the soul of the Masjid, i.e. its a’maal. Since that is less tangible and they have Muslim names, there will be no outrage. In fact, since they have “substantiated” their actions by tampering with the Ahadith and quoting narrations lacking context and explanation, they befuddled the ignorant and naive public.

The weakness of their faith and the lack of foresight on their part has resulted in a long-term devaluation of the Masajid in the eyes of the public for which they will be held responsible. As the Imaan of the of the people degenerates day-by-day due to their lack of affiliation with the House of Allah, that Shaykh who shed crocodile tears at his premature closure of the Masajid, will be the one that is held responsible due to lack of fortitude on his part, which resulted in the public being shunted from the path of guidance. Arguably, premature closure and continuing silence to this day is a sin that has long term repercussions in this world and in the hereafter. Allah Ta’ala says: “For them in this world is disgrace AND they will have in the hereafter a great punishment.” However, if there is sincere taubah and an all-out attempt is made to reverse the situation, then Allah Ta’ala is most-forgiving.

May Allah Ta’ala protect our Imaan and save use from those that are misguided.

10 Shawwaal 1441 – 3 June 2020

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