There is no need for sanitisation tunnels, say expertsBy S. Rall May 29, 2020
Durban – Medical experts have warned against the use of sanitisation tunnels, adding that it was dangerous to spray such harsh chemicals onto people, more especially children. Speaking during a webinar hosted where the national health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize broke down the country’s response to Covid-19 ahead of the downgrade to Level 3 of the lockdown on Monday, June 1, Professor Salim Abdool Karim, warned that there was little to no evidence on the safety of chemicals used in sanitisation tunnels.
“Spraying humans with chemicals and fumigation tunnels are potentially dangerous and can damage the eyes, cause skin rashes and affect breathing. There is also no discernible benefit for coronavirus prevention as the virus cannot enter the body through intact skin. Only hand should be sprayed with sanitiser,” Karim said.
Professor Shaheen Mehtar, who also sits on the government’s Covid-19 advisory committee added that the spraying of chemicals was particularly dangerous for children. She said it could have a massive impact on children, affecting their eyes, skin and respiratory systems. “There is no need to spray children. There is no need for disinfectant tunnels,” she said. According to the coronavirus prevention toolbox the following protocols need to be strictly observed:

Social distancing
Hand hygiene – hand washing and hand sanitising
Screening for symptoms
Cloth masks and cough etiquette
Appropriate use of PPE
Testing, isolation, quarantine and contact tracing
Frequent environmental cleaning
On Friday, Mkhize and the panel broke down the country’s plan for Covid-19. Mkhize noted that a large number of those who had contracted Covid-19 in SA were black. Mkhize was responding to questions asking for breakdowns of results by race group. He said while this was not how the information was collected initially, data that was available to the department should that the black population was mostly affected. The minister announced that as of Friday, 29 240 people in SA had tested positive for Covid-19.

He said 611 people have died from Covid-19 and 15 093 people had recovered. IOL

Moron bootlicking molvis and kuffaar governments saddled in Muslim countries are always over-eager in their licking of kuffaar boots right into the ‘lizard’s hole’ to gain favour and whatever other miserable worldly perks and stupidities the western masters have to offer.
It is indeed surprising – very surprising – to see secular professors with Muslim names proclaiming these shaitaani devices ‘dangerous’. Indeed, such proclamations by so-called muslims are unchartered and necessarily evoke surprise and suspicion. If an atheist scientist denounces some artefacts of Satanism, he may be applauded for his honesty and integrity, but not so characters bearing Muslim designations.
When medical experts bearing Muslim names step out of the line demarcated by Mr.Bill Gates, then it leaves a huge conundrum.

7 Shawwaal 1441 – 31 May 2020

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