Each day sees a new devlish fitnah developing among Muslims. The latest satanic fitnah is a haraam membership fee to gain admission to the Zakariyya Jaame Majid in Greater Manchester, U.K. Indeed Qiyaamah cannot be in the too distant future.
A Musjid is the House of Allaah. It is a Waqf institution dedicated for only Salaat/Ibaadat, and for nothing else. Only khanaazeer can muster the shaitaani temerity to charge haraam membership fees and to allow admission into the Musjid to only such morons who have paid their haraam membership fees.
In its copro-circular, these khanaazeer of the Musjid’s management committee say: “……entry into the Masjid for any congregational Salah prayers will be LIMITED TO FULLY PAID MEMBERS, THEIR MALE SIBLINGS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 AND KEY VOLUNTEERS OF Z.J.M ONLY.” (Emphasis not ours)
These agents of Iblees conduct themselves as if the Musjid was inherited from their fathers. Paying membership fees for even an institution which is not a Musjid is haraam. For a Musjid, it is an aggravated major sin. They are reducing the Musaajid to the level of Christian temples. In fact, according to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), in close proximity to Qiyaamah, the cross will be worshipped inside the Musjid. These fussaaq, vile committee members are preparing the groundwork for dajjaali shirk and kufr. In fact, this haraam membership fee is riba, and preventing Muslims from entry is akin to kufr. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “Who is a greater zaalim (oppressor) than the one who prevents the Name of Allah from the Musaajid, and he strives in the ruin of the Musaajid?” (Al-Baqarah, 114)
There are no worse zaalimeen than those devils-incarnate who charge a fee for entry to the Musjid. Furthermore, the entry is restricted to select persons. It is simply mind-boggling compound kufr.
Muslims who pay such haraam membership fees are also blameworthy. Never should such haraam fees be paid. This U.K. khanaazeer Musjid committee is the very first in the whole world and the very first in the history of Islam to levy haraam riba fees for entry to the Musjid. It is the obligation of the musallis to boot out these unscrupulous scoundrels who have usurped the Musjid and treating it as if it is their private property.
Another advice is that Muslims should not attend the Musaajid where a host of satanic conditions encumbers performance of Salaat. It is not permissible to join a congregation which is filled with shayaateen. The spaces instructed by the atheists are filled with devils according to the Hadith. Just imagine! A Musjid can be entered only by hoodlums carrying membership cards.
Perform Salaat at home. It is infinitely superior than joining a fong kong congregation performing mock ‘salaat’. Such salaat is not valid. True Muslims will not make a mockery of the Deen by submitting to the haraam conditions of the atheists.
Do not contribute a cent to the vile committee for the Musjid’s expenses. Let them pay from their pockets. Allah’s Houses are being pillaged, plundered and polluted by scoundrels and munaafiqeen who masquerade as Muslims.

2 Shawwaal 1441 – 26 May 2020

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