“Most assuredly, We shall give them to taste of the lesserPunishment, not the Greater Punishment, for perhapsthey will return (to Siraatul Mustaqeem and the Sunnah).”(Qur’aan)
Muslims themselves, by their wanton transgression and rebellion against Allah’s Shariah, have been the cause for the the defeats the Ummah suffered at the hands of the kuffaar, and for the ultimate loss of the entire glorious Empire established by Ameerul Mu’mineen Hadhrat Umar Ibn Khattaab (Radhiyallahu anhu).
Whatever sovereignty, respect and honour Muslims had were snatched away and the Ummah has laboured and trundled the trajectory of utter defeat and humiliation for centuries. The only spectacles of dignity and little independence left were our Musaajid and Darul Ulooms where we had enjoyed much freedom and the right to worship and teach the Qur’aan and Hadith as ordained by the Shariah.
However, in recent years, added to the cesspools of inequity, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr of the Muslim community among whom the worst culprits are the molvis and sheikhs, the Musaajid and Darul Ulooms have been pillaged, plundred and desanctified by Muslims themselves. The Musaajid became transformed into halls where najis tourists, men and women, were allowed to enter and pollute. Qawwaali, bid’ah jalsahs such as so-called ‘seerat’ jalsahs, women entering the Musaajid for Salaat, mass merrymaking I’tikaaf, fussaaq qaaris, allowing zindeeqs the Musjid platform, using the Musaajid as staging platforms for kuffaar sporting teams, introducing shayaateen en masse by means of the haraam spacing, etc., etc., are all acts which defiled the Musaajid.
In addition, one of the worst acts of pillage, is the non-attendance of 90% of the community for the daily Fardh Jamaat Salaat. Another villainous misdeed of the community is to allow absolute scoundrels to be the trustees and committees of the Musaajid. The Fajr and Isha attendance is the evidence for this percentage. These are the times when generally all persons are at home.
The villainy of Muslims have made the Musaajid ornate structures devoid of Deen. About our Musaajid of these times, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “There shall soon dawn an era when nothing of Islam will remain but its name. Nothing of the Qur’aan will remain but its text. The Musaajid of the people will be ornate structures devoid of guidance. The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be their ulama. From them will emerge fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”
These Musaajid and the Darul Ulooms were the last remnants of our Islamic heritage. These were our little ‘empires’ where we held sway. But, Alas! Allah Azza Wa Jal has now snatched away from us these little dominions because we, with our own hands, have abused and defiled the sanctity of the Musaajid and transformed the Madaaris into mercenary and nafsaani institutions totally bereft of the Noor of Ilm. Imagine a Darul Uloom which is supposed to imbue in it the spirit and ethos of Ghaar-e-Hira, having a kuffaar sportsground.
These Musaajid, according to the Hadith, have invoked the La’nat of Allah on us, hence Allah Ta’ala has closed down the Musajid. Just imagine! You can go to the mall to acquire rubbish. But if on the way or next to the mall there is a Musjid, you are not allowed to enter and offer two raka’ts Tahyatul Musjid. This is a lamentable commentary on our own villainy.
The oppression of the government is in fact a mild form of Divine Chastisement. It is Allah Azza Wa Jal Who has empowered the government to evict us from our Musaajid. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “If entire mankind unites to benefit you in any way whatsoever, they will be able to benefit you only to the degree prescribed by Allah, and if entire manking unites to harm you, they will be able to harm you only to the degree prescribed by Allah.”

If Muslims will continue with their drunken stupor of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr, the Greater Punishment (Al-Athaabul Akbar) mentioned in the Qur’aan will overtake us. Today we have lost the Musaajid and the Madaaris. Tomorrow it can be our homes. Allah forbid! Beware! Look at Burma, Palestine and Syria, and open your brains and heart for Muraaqabah.

“Beware of such a FITNAH (Punishment) which will not be restricted to only the transgressors among you.” (Qur’aan)
The Ulama and the Buzroogs will all be swept away in its onslaught. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us.

2 Shawwaal 1441 – 26 May 2020

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