Jahl and Shaitaaniyat

Bid’ah, Jahl and Shaitaaniyat

Question: In Natal someone by the name ‘Jazbhay’ is exhorting Muslims to come on to the streets to recite Takbeer on the day of Eid during the time when people are allowed to exercise in terms of the lockdown regulations. He invites women to also participate. Is this permissible?

Answer: How can Satanism be permissible? The chap is preaching Satanism under guise of Islam. It is haraam for women to emerge onto the streets. Such emergence and parading are the acts of prostitutes and lesbians. It is also not permissible for males to participate in this new-fangled bid’ah advised by a jaahil. The juhala and the munaafiqeen are in preponderance during this devil’s saga engulfing us.


Q. Should we perform Zuhr or Jumuah at home during the lockdown? Is a Musjid a requisite for the validity of Jumuah?

A. If you refer to our website you will find articles in which we have explained the issue of Jumuah during the devil’ lockdown. With four adult males, Jumuah may be performed at home. According to the Hanafi Math-hab, a Musjid is not a condition for the validity of Jumuah. It is a condition according to the Maaliki Math-hab.

Q. In Taraweeh the Imaam recites only Attahiyaat in Qa’dah. The Durood and Dua are totally omitted. Is this valid?

A. Even in Taraaweeh it is incumbent to recite Durood and Dua after Attahiyaat. It is a shaitaani inspiration to dispense with the Durood and Dua as is generally the case with those who rush with Taraaweeh. It is not permissible to discard the Durood and the Dua.




(End of quote)


This statement is an adequate commentary on the necrotized brains of the Bogus uucsa, Bogus jusa and Jaahil mjc Munaafiq characters.


27 Ramadhaan 1441 – 21 May 2020

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