In a fatwa issued by Mufti Abdun Nabi Hamidi of whom we are not aware nor of the institution he represents, he has categorically stated that even in the present satanic scenario Eid Salaat at home will not be valid in terms of the Hanafi Math-hab. In this regard he states:

“The performance of Eid Salah at home cannot be validated as per Hanafi Mazhab as understood clearly from the above-mentioned quotation………Therefore, in the current lockdown situation, Eid Salah cannot be performed at home according to the Hanafi Fiqh.”

The invalidity is based on the incumbent condition of Ithnul Aam (general and open permission for all Muslims to attend) lacking if the Salaat is performed in a private home to which all Muslims have no access.

On this issue, we have advised that Eid Salaat may be performed at home, and that the following conditions should be observed:

(1) The minimum musallis present must be four adult males.

(2) The door should not be locked.

(3) Any Muslim who desires to join the Salaat may not be debarred.
In some measure this will fulfil the Ithnul Aam requisite. Due to the devilish state of affairs prevailing and the oppressive closure of the Musaajid by the oppressive government, and the numerous munaafiqeen prowling about to snitch to the police about Muslims performing Salaat in the Musaajid clandestinely, we are of the opinion that Eid Salaat on the basis of the aforementioned three conditions will be valid, Insha-Allah. This is our opinion. Allah Ta’ala knows best.

Jumuah Salaat had become Fardh only after the Hijrat from Makkah to Madinah. During the first phase of Nubuwwat in Makkah, due to fear for the Mushrik authorities, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the small band of Sahaabah performed Zuhr And Asr Salaat secretly in a house, hence the Qiraa’t was recited silently. We still observe this practice to commemorate that era of fear. There was no Jumuah in that initial phase in Makkah.

Jumuah and Eid Salaat are among the Shi-aar (salient/outstanding features) of Islam. These are Ibaadat activities to be publicized and advertised. Thus, performing Jumuah and Eid Salaat at home does divest these Salaats from their salient characteristic.

Therefore, despite our opinion, we do not take issue with the Mufti Sahib who holds the opinion of invalidity. This is such a difference on which we are not dogmatic.

We have dogmatically propagated that Jumuah is not valid in any prison. We trust that this Mufti has the same fatwa of invalidity for Jumuah in prison.

Since according to the Shaafi’ Math-hab Eid Salaat is valid even at home, the rigidity of the Hanafi prohibition due to the current shaitaaniyat is somewhat diluted, hence we are of the opinion that Eid Salaat at home in the present circumstances will be valid. If it was not for the current Satanism, it would not be permissible at all for Hanafis to depart from the Fatwa of their Math-hab.

24 Ramadhaan 1441 – 18 May 2020

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