Even this arch-enemy of Islam, the Satan, United Nations Organization, having been authorized by such molvis / sheikhs who are Devils in human form, is now appealing to the Ummah for Zakaat funds. Indeed we are on the precipice of Qiyaamah. The villainy and filth of the molvis and sheikhs who have become agents of Iblees, are indeed mind boggling. Just imagine a satanic entity such as the UN appealing for Zakaat.

A Brother from Kenya writes in this regard:


As’salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah ta’ala wa barkatuhu

I live in the Abu Dhabi and in the days leading up to Ramadan I came across the WHO guidelines for fasting during Ramadan. I did not bother to look at it as I thought it did not concern me. Also I thought it’s preposterous that an organisation (UN) well known for its disdain for Islam, for its concerted efforts (through its Charters, Conventions and Programmes) to upend the Muslim way of life, would advise Muslims on how perform an act of Ibaadat.

Today when I went online to search for an organisation that I could discharge my Zakatul Fitr obligation through, again I came across another UN body (UHCHR) advertising itself as a Zakat organisation. Please see the below image from Google.


I would like to know what a Muslim (Muslims) should make of the UN?”

(End of the Brother’s letter)
It is haraam to contribute Zakaat to the shaitaan. The Zakaat obligation will not be discharged. In fact, it is haraam to contribute even haraam interest money to this satanic enemy of Islam.
Only people whose earnings are thoroughly haraam will have brains sufficiently kufrized to contribute funds of any kind to the UN. The satanic embrace between the enemies of Islam such as the UN and the vilest of ‘ulama’ is the consequence of the kufr interfaith movement in which the Munaafiqeen wholeheartedly participate.

24 Ramadhaan 1441 – 18 May 2020

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