Q. What is the position of Eid Salaat, if there will be no Eidgah during this evil lockdown?

A. The rules applicable for the validity of Jumuah Salaat also apply to Eid Salaat.

Q. Please comment on a Maulana who, when one gives one’s hand to make Musaafahah and Salaam, he sticks out his elbow to greet as the president had shown to greet due to the virus. What is his status?

A. The so-called clown ‘maulana’ is a jaahil human devil. His act is kufr since he has accorded preference to a silly act of the kuffaar in negation of the Masnoon Musaafahah practice. This fellow should renew his Imaan and Nikah as well. It is not permissible to offer one’s hand to such a follower of Iblees. Besides the act being a clown’s antic, it is kufr for it displaces the Masnoon manner Allah Ta’ala has commanded via Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). To crown the shaitaaniyat, this silly method is acquired from atheists whom this miserable jaahil and others of his ilk are giving preference over Allah’s command.

Q. What is the status of Salaat standing about 2 metres apart in the saff?

A. Salaat performed in such a stupid kufr manner is not valid. If there is no valid Jamaat available, then perform Salaat alone.

Q. They say that due to the virus, we should not lift our hands when making dua, and that it is more harmful to draw the hands over the face on termination of the Dua. What should we do?

A. If you are a Mu’min, that is a Muslim of sound Imaan – Imaan not adulterated with Nifaaq – then you will know what to do. View the shaitaaniyat with scorn and disgust. When the hands are raised unto Allah Ta’ala, His Rahmat descends and the effect of Acceptance (Qubooliyat) – His Rahmat – cascades into the opened palms. This Rahmat is rubbed on to our faces when we end the Dua. It is kufr – hardened kufr – to abandon any act of Islam on the advice of atheists. It is kufr which eliminates Imaan and cancels the Nikah. To understand simple issues of this nature, there is no need for fatwas, no need for lengthy technical arguments with pages of Arabic texts, and no need for even brains. The need is only sound and pure Imaan. Then the truth will be understood in the fatwa emanating from the Imaani heart, hence Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Seek a fatwa from your heart.”

14 Ramadhaan 1441 – 8 May 2020

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