Taking up cudgels with Mufti A. K. Hoosen, a Molvi Ismail Desai, says in an article:

“The issue of Takfir is a very severe and serious matter and should only be considered based on sound academic proof and fact.”

By this averment, the Molvi implies that the takfir of Shiahs is unwarranted, not based on fact and academic proof. This indicates that the Molvi is grossly ignorant of the beliefs of Shiahs. Therefore, it is necessary for him to make a study of the beliefs of the Shiahs before disgorging stupid statements devoid of reality and substance.

Everyone is aware of the severity of takfir and the severity of labelling Muslims kufaar without ‘academic’ proof. From the statement of this molvi it is palpably clear that he is ignorant of the Shar’i concept of ‘academic proof’. If he had possessed sound Knowledge of the Deen then he would not have uttered drivel. His averment is in the context of the Shiah issue. It is mind boggling for a Muslim who claims to be a Mufti to believe that the fatwa of takfir applicable to Shiahs is without academic proof and fact.

The kufr of the Shiahs is not hidden nor is it an acquisition arrived at by way of interpretation of some dubious beliefs of the Shiahs. The abominable beliefs and disgusting utterances of the Shiah are beyond the scope of interpretation. The glaring kufr of Shiahs precludes the slightest possibility of doubt on the basis of which they could be exonerated from the charge and fatwa of kufr which excommunicates them from the fold of Islam.

Among the most repugnant doctrines of Shiah kufr is the belief of Tahreef-e-Qur’aan. They deny the authenticity of the Qur’aan Majeed. It is their belief that the Qur’aan or a very substantial portion of it is the fabrication of the Sahaabah (Radhiyallahu anhum). It is simple common sense and just logical in terms of Shiah belief to refute the claim of the authenticity of the Qur’aan in view of the fact that the undeniable reality is that the Sahaabah had compiled the Qur’aan Majeed into the present form which is with the Ummah since the very era of the Sahaabah.

All the Sahaabah with the exception of a handful, perhaps less than half a dozen, had, according to the Shiah religion reneged from Islam, became murtaddeen after the demise of Rasulullah (Sallllahu alayhi wasallam). Besides the explicit Shiah claim of the falsity of the Qur’aan, it is a logical conclusion that they do believe in the Qur’aan being a fabrication since the Men who had compiled and secured it were all ‘murtads’ according to the Shiah religion.

While there are many other beliefs of explicit kufr of the Shiah, and since this article is a brief response to the grossly erroneous view and claims of Molvi Ismail Desai, we shall suffice here with this one brazen and blatant belief of Kufr to highlight to Muslims that Shiahs are not Muslims. The pivot on which Islam hinges is the Qur’aan Majeed. Only a thoroughbred kaafir will entertain any doubt regarding anyone, Shiah or otherwise, who finds the slightest fault in the Qur’aan Majeed.

There are two fundamentals of Islam on which the entire Grandiose Structure of Islam rests – The Sahaabah and the Qur’aan. We mention first the Sahaabah because without the Sahaabah there is no Qur’aan. The authenticity of the Qur’aan is 100% reliant on the Sahaabah. But all of these Sahaabah are branded kuffaar and murtaddeen by the Shiahs. Thus, there is no doubt in the validity of the verdict of Takfir against the Shiah.

The gross misunderstanding in general among ignoramuses is that Takfir is a repugnant swear word. The pseudo-‘Muslims’ in whose hearts lurks kufr have created revulsion in the minds of ignoramuses for the injunction of Takfir. It should be well understood that just as abominable and haraam it is to excommunicate a Muslim – to baselessly declare him a kaafir – so too is it abominable and haraam to enter into the fold of Islam a professed kaafir. Takfir is a Shar’i injunction which has to be necessarily applied when there is the need.

The Molvi has acquitted himself with jahaalat by finding fault with the mas’alah of Takfir. His vindication of the Shiahs is deplorable, to say the least. How is it ever possible for a Mu’min – one whose Imaan is sound – to express sympathy whether overtly or covertly, for people who claim with extreme vehemence and hatred that Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) had committed adultery; the Sahaabah, including Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan (Radhiyallahu anhum) are kuffaar and inmates of Hell-Fire, etc. etc. in the same vein? What type of Imaan evokes sympathy for such scoundrels who set up a veiled defence for these Shiah enemies of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his Sahaabah?

Illustrating his lack of understanding of the principle of Fiqh and of the Shariah, Molvi Ismail Desai makes reference to Imaam Abu Hanifah’s maxim of 99 aspects of kufr and one aspect of Imaan. Without understanding the meaning of this statement, he disgorged pure bunkum. We advise this Molvi to make a study of Allaamah Kashmiri’s Ikfaarul Mulhideen to edify himself and to equip himself with a better understanding of the maxim which he has grievously misunderstood.

Does he believe that Qadiyanis are Muslims? If not, then he falls as a criminal on the basis of his understanding of the 99 – 1 maxim. Qadiyanis proclaim the Kalimah in exactly the same way we do. Thus, this errant Molvi should explain why Qadiyanis are not Muslims. Obviously, this argument will fall away of he does accept Qadiyanis to be Muslims. But our understanding is that he does believe that they are kuffaar.

If a man believes in the teachings of Islam, performs the five Salaat, pays Zakaat, Fasts in Ramadhaan, performs Hajj and practices 99 tenets of Islam, but along with this he proclaims one statement of explicit kufr, that is, Nubuwwat has not ended, will he remain a Muslim? Can any Mufti, provided he is not of the Reverend Bhum and Jaahil Taha Karaan kind of vermin, say that such a person is a Muslim on the basis of him accepting and practicing 99 tenets of Imaan, but rejecting only one?

The meaning of the maxim which has been beyond the purview of the Molvi’s brains, is that if a statement there are 99 probabilities of kufr but by way of interpretation if one probability could be of Imaan, then this latter one will save the skin of the criminal from Takfir. This maxim NEVER means that if a man professes one explicit statement / belief of Sareeh kufr, he will still remain a Muslim.

Thus, if a man practices all the tenets and injunctions of Islam but worships a cross, or he walks around a Hindu fire in a wedding ceremony uttering incantations of shirk in the name of a Hindu god, or he claims that the Qur’aan is man-made hence prone to error, then NEVER will such a person be a Muslim. His adherence to 99 tenets of Islam or to all tenets of Islam, besides the one explicit kufr, will not save him from Takfir.
On what basis does this molvi claim that the fatwa of takfir against the Shiahs is “without any proof”? He is guilty of a deliberate lie spawned by his gross ignorance of the books of theology of the Shiah clergy.

According to this deviated molvi, declaring the Shiah kuffaar on the basis of their rejection of the Qur’aan is a “nonsensical declaration of Takfeer”. His brains have become nonsensical as a result of intellectual necrosis spawned by the ‘touch of shaitaan.’ This ‘touch of shaitaan’ is mentioned by Allah Ta’ala in the Qur’aan Majeed. About the people of riba, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Those who devour riba do not stand except as stands one who has been driven to insanity by the touch of shaitaan.”

Molvi Ismail Desai is heavily involved with the riba gang – the capitalist bankers and financial institutions for which ‘fatwas of jawaaz’ have to be fabricated. When a molvi becomes involved with kuffaar financial institutions he incrementally sinks deeper and deeper into the cesspool of shaitaani inequity which he has created for himself. It is like quicksand from which extrication is almost impossible. The disease of the desensitization of Imaan gnaws into the brains and heart by degrees until shaitaan swallows the molvi in entirety. This is the same fate which has destroyed Mufti Taqi Usmani of Pakistan. All of these bank-molvis and muftis are destroying their Imaan in the cauldron of riba, hence liberalism has become integral to their fatwas.

With extreme stupidity, the Molvi belching drivel, says:

“…..there are different sects and categories of Shiah. Zaydi, Nusayri, Ibadhi, Ithna Ashari, Ismaili, etc. Not all Shiah are Kafir.”
Making one self-incriminating concession, this molvi concedes that some Shiah sects are kaafir. Which sects according to him are kaafir, and which are not? It devolves upon him to elaborate on the beliefs of the various sects of Shi’ism. But he is too stupid. He only has seen these names somewhere, hence rattled them off without understanding or being aware of their doctrines, beliefs and practices.

Here the molvi has mentioned five Shiah sects. If he had valid knowledge of the doctrines of these sects, he would not have acquitted himself with the glaring stupidity of mentioning the Nusayri, Ithna Ashari and Islamili sects. Bashar Asad of Syria is a Nusayri Shiah. Besides the brutality of the Nusayris against Muslims, their beliefs are absolutely repugnant to Islam.

The Ismailis believe that their Agha Khan is god incarnate. Even his urine and excrement are Tabarruk. He is the ma’bood of the Ismailis. As for the Ithna Ash’aris, they are our primary target. Why does Molvi Ismail Desai feign ignorance regarding the Sareeh beliefs of kufr of this mainstream sect of Shi’ism? Is there a monetary agenda underlying his veiled defence for these Shiahs of explicit kufr? The monetary dimension has validity in view of this molvi’s entanglement with the capitalist riba financial institutions.

Does he believe that Agha Khan is a god or that his followers are entitled to believe in his godhood like the Christians believe in the godhood of Nabi Isaa (Alayhis salaam)? The fact that he has included in his meagre list of Shiah sects three such sects who adhere to Sareeh Kufr, speaks volumes for his jahaalat.

At least to bolster his indefensible claims, he should have mentioned such Shiah sects whose corrupt beliefs he could stupidly vindicate by remote ta’weel. But he mentions three such sects whose beliefs are Sareeh Kufr! He does not know whether he is moving forward or reversing into the najaasat of Shiah kufr.

We have published copious booklets and articles in condemnation of Shiahs. In every article, the dalaa-il for the kufr of Shiahs are stated. This molvi should undertake the task of refuting our dalaa-il, and not seek to detract from the academic arguments with stupid statements devoid of Shar’i substance. One such stupid copro-statement of this molvi is:

“I am appalled at this baseless and rudderless academic disposition.”

Such stupid rhetoric is not sufficient to dislodge dalaa-il. Cite the charge, its proofs provided, then embark on an academic refutation. Nothing in what this miscreant molvi says in his stupid article has any academic worth.

It devolves on this Shiah sympathizer to academically prove that Nusayris, Ithna Asha’ris, Ismailis and the whole gamut of Shiah sects are NOT kuffaar. Make an -in depth study, apply your brains, fear Allah Ta’ala and endeavour to understand the kufr of these sects of deviation.

In the current context, when we speak of Shiahs, their remote, extinct, little known and unknown sects are not at this stage being targeted. Everyone understands that the target is the Shiah regime and the vast bulk of the Iranian population who are all Ithna Ash’aris – the believers in twelve prophets whom they deceptively dub ‘Imaams’.

Therefore, when its is said that Shiahs are kuffaar, then it is pure deception and an attempt to vindicate Shiah kufr, to cite some little known or extinct Shiah sect/s who may, despite their haraam deviation, initially not have subscribed to Sareeh Kufr. The discussion should be contextualized to the current scenario pertaining to the Ithna Ash’ari kuffaar Shiahs.

And, at a minimum, understand that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had said that ALL sects besides the Ahlus Sunnah are Naari – destined for Jahannam. So do not associate nor sympathize with the Naaris because there is the grave danger of being resurrected in the assembly of the Naaris on the Day of Qiyaamah.

Salaam on those who follow the Huda of Allah

8 Ramadhaan 1441 – 2 May 2020

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