[-The remedy below is an extract from a portion of a Bayaan given by a Buzrug just after his release from his unjust imprisonment-]

Allah Ta’ala says that everything comes from Allah Ta’ala. Good or bad, no one can do anything to you. But, it is necessary to embed this in our hearts. Otherwise in a given situation, your mind won’t think about this, much fear will be there.

One small prescription Allah Ta’ala gives us in the Qur’aan for gaining this attitude. Firstly you have to gain Taqwa, if there’s no Taqwa then the beliefs become menial. We all believe that we are going to die, we believe in Qiyaamat, we believe in our Maut also but  these beliefs(of ours) are very remote. A man is 60 and 70 years of age. His one leg is in the Qabr but he is still displeasing Allah Ta’ala. He knows anytime his Maut will come but he still thinks that he’s going to live long and that Maut is still very far, because he lacks Taqwa. As long as Taqwa is not inculcated, the Aqaaid or the beliefs won’t become an attribute, it won’t become a Haal, a state, an emotional state. We must try to make Taqwa an emotional state in our heart. One small prescription Allah Ta’ala gives u s in the Qur’aan Shareef….


“Oh, people of Imaan have Taqwa (fear Allah Ta’ala)”


Then Allah Ta’ala after that He gives a way. A simple way of how to gain Taqwa.


Allah Ta’ala says, “and speak a righteous statement”.


Your talk must be correct. What you speak must be Sahih it must be a good statement. Whatever you speak there must be Haqq in it. When you speak you must not be motivated by malice or by vengeance or by  any evil nafsaani motive. Speak what is right. Then what will happen? Allah Ta’ala says, you do this in order to adopt Taqwa. And for that Taqwa, this is the prescription, that you take control of the tongue. Control your tongue and speak what is right. Don’t speak when you are in the state of anger because then you are going to speak what is wrong. You will always speak what your Nafs tells you. Control your tongue. And then, when you will control your tongue then what does Allah Ta’ala say,


Then Allah Ta’ala says, then He will rectify for you, He will reform your other A’maal.


Now here Allah Ta’ala does not give you a promise that you won’t do wrong, that all your A’maal will be 100%, No. That will defeat the purpose of life on earth. Allah Ta’ala is not making us into robots like the Malaa’ikah, No. But what will happen?, Allah Ta’ala will keep us on track, on the whole you will be on the right track. And when you do something wrong, immediately the realisation will dawn into you, you will make Rujoo and you will make Taubah and you will come back again on track.


He will reform and rectify your A’maal


And then the sin that you commit along the line, we will forgive those sins. So we have to inculcate Taqwa. And we have to follow the Shariah, and i’tibaa e Sunnah. We have to follow the Sunnah of Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) then this Taqwa will come into your heart. And then when Taqwa is in the heart then Allah Ta’ala’s remembrance will always be there. The Yaqeen will become stronger. So when you come into any such situation or fearful situation then Insha-Allah even if there is a natural fear also, your  intelligence wont panic. Your intelligence will function correctly….

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