Understanding Hadhrat Moulana Ahmad Sadiq Desai (The Majlis)

You know, sometimes in a big family you have a grandfather who tries his utmost to keep his family and the values of the family intact. Be it traditions or business practices, he is that patriarch who will even show a hardline attitude in making sure that everyone conforms.

Some would rebel, waiting for an opportunity when he loses control. Others, who fully understand the value of his efforts, support him.

As he gets older, nearing his end time, he shares this responsibility with other like minded members of his family. To ensure that in this responsibility there is no shirking, he still plays his role 100%, not slowing down, even though there are others who are prepared to give him a rest.

The value of such a grandfather will only be realised, even by the rebels, after his demise

Take this same scenario and apply it upon our Hadhrat Moulana Ahmad Sadiq Desai Saheb of the Majlis.

As much as he abhors blindly following any personality, even if it be himself, we will indulge so that the true cry of his heart is understood. It is the same cry that is in the hearts of Our Akabireen.

He is passionate about the Deen of Allah Ta’ala. He has given himself over to work for the Deen of Allah Ta’ala.
There are no worldly departments in his life. All his efforts, private and public is for Deen. There is no personal motive or concessions.

Any deviation in Deen, be it slight or huge, he meets it head on, no matter who may be involved.

This octogenarian, a grandfather, is not prepared to let any harm come to the Deen of Allah, even if family members are offended.

To some, he may seem like a ‘touched’ keyboard warrior, hitting the keys of his keyboard with every word that can be found in dictionaries and the thesaurus. Sometimes, those words are not even found by Google!
He attacks every deviation with the harshest of words that even those who love him, wince and grimace.

Rather than going on the defence, and attacking his manner, take some time out and reflect….WHY?

Fame? In the eyes of the world, this is not fame but notoriety….
As far as a “market share” of followers go, there are many silent followers and admirers who will distance themselves from him lest they be judged as “followers of Majlis”
What kind of fame is this?

Money? From where? Who is going to pay him to be verbally destroyed, because he has spared no one, going against every form of baatil is his jihad.
There are no expensive vacations, mansions and apartments, jetsetting appointments, latest vehicles, 5 star hotels, celebrity appointments, flashing of cameras and rolling of videos in this grandfather’s life. Not now, or before. Far from it, in fact there are many times when he was seen with a patched mismatched kurta set, old hat, well oiled!
Genuinely, his reliance is on Allah Ta’ala.
His goal is Allah Ta’ala’ and His Mission is upholding the Deen of Allah.

Love him, hate him, admire him or stay far away from him, it means absolutely nothing to him.

He is that Grandfather of ours who will do whatever it takes, even if may seem like a losing battle, to make sure that under his watch, the Deen of Allah Ta’ala must never be diminished in any way.

If you can understand just a bit of him, you will then see him differently, even if you despise him.

Allah Ta’ala has blessed him with strength, physically, mentally and emotionally to fulfill his mission. And he will continue doing so, inshaAllah, without fear or favour!

In this current issue of Opening of The Masajid, he could have easily minded his own business and Ibadaat and quietly slipped into his Masjid to fulfill his obligations. But this is not about his Ibadaat but the Deen of Allah Ta’ala!

As our Sheikh damat barakaatuhu once mentioned about servants of Deen, ” There are many who work in Deen, but sadly, very few who work FOR Deen! People protect the feelings of others and compromise Deen. Who is there to Protect the Deen?”

This is that one individual who had made his life WAQF for the Deen of Allah Ta’ala.
Whether you like him or not, make dua for him. And make Shukr that Allah Ta’ala has allowed you to witness in this time and age a person who has shown you what it means to give yourself to Allah Ta’ala.

This article should not be misconstrued to mean that, Hadhrat Moulana Desai is a above reproach and fault. Alhamdulillah, in that too, he has had the courage in retracting statements when he was in error.

Neither should this article be misconstrued to mean that Hadhrat Moulana is the only true senior aalim and sheikh in the world. There are definitely other seniors who are of the same calibre or even greater. Yet, many of them keep themselves as muqtadis to this imam, even though they are imams themselves!

The purpose of this article is simply for us to get an understanding of the mindset and mizaaj of our Ulama, in this case Moulana Desai, so that, even if you dont like it, but as a Muslim who wants to practice Deen, you will know who your well wishers are.

Like that grandfather who is a hardliner, protecting his family and the affairs of his family, even when they dont like it.

May Allah Ta’ala keep Hadhrat Moulana and all our Mashaaikh protecting His Deen, under His Pleasure, till they reach Him and He is Pleased with them.
May Allah Ta’ala protect them all and attach us to Him through these Friends of His.

– abu abdillah

* If Hadhrat Moulana reads or is informed of this article, I sincerely ask for maaf for disrespect and if I have taken liberty that offends.
Sometimes, things have to be said as they are, for the sake of Deen and the Protection of the Ummatees of our of Beloved Nabi Sallalahu Alayhi wasallam.

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