A senior mufti issued the following fatwa regarding Jumuah Salaat during times of a plague:

“Yes, if the virus has become widespread in a confirmed manner, death toll has increased, and a pandemic situation (due to the virus spread) has intensified, then it is permissible to perform Jumuah in homes with small congregations.” (End of the mufti’s answer) Is this correct?

Percolating from this baatil stupid answer is the bootlicking nature of this maajin ‘mufti’ who has issued this copro-fatwa of compound baatil. His bosses do not allow even ‘small congregations’ in homes.

It is necessary for this miscreant mufti to renew his Imaan and also his nikah because Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Laa adwaa”. (Disease is not contagious). Placing his imaan on what the kuffaar claim, he flagrantly and recklessly abrogates the Fardh ibaadat of Jumuah in the Musaajid. This so-called ‘pandemic’ does not justify fear for shadows and cancellation of the Faraaidh of Jamaat Salaat and Jumuah Salaat. This man has spoken bunkum. His fatwa is junk for the sewerage drain.


The mufti also says in his fatwa:

“Medical experts have said that…… is transmitted from one to another without any sign, indication or symptom. Symptoms only appear after five days to two weeks period. In these situations, it is imperative for the khatib to suffice on the minimum requirements of the sermon and also lead the prayers with short surah recitations. People praying together in a small congregations should not remain in the place of prayer, rather quickly exit.” (End of the moron’s baatil fatwa) Is this valid in the Shariah?

It is imperative for this deviate to renew his Imaan. His averment is a blatant denial of Rasulullah’s Fatwa of “La adwaa’. The bunkum of the medical experts may not be presented in negation of the Law of Allah Ta’ala. Whatever Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said is the Holy Writ. It has the full force of the Qur’aan Majeed. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“He does not speak of hawa (whimsical conjecture / false desire). It is nothing but Wahi revealed to him (Muhammad).”

When a mufti bootlicks the kuffaar then his brains become imbalanced, hence he stupidly advises musallis to go into panic mode and exit in haste from the Musaajid in emulation of the Munaafiqeen. Exiting quickly from the Musjid is the practice of the Munaafiqeen. It is haraam to chase musallis out of the Musjid.

The hallucinatory fear which has been baselessly imposed on the brains and hearts of people by shaitaan cannot justify mutilating the Khutbah and the Salaat as this miscreant copro-mufti says. Whatever he has vomited in his copro-fatwa is Baatil! Baatil! Baatil! It is absolutely deviod of Shar’i substance.


The mufti also says: “There have been plagues in the history of Islam such as the Amwaas, Jarif and other known outbreaks. Despite that, believers prayed together (albeit, in small groups groups).” Is this correct? Did they perform Salaat in small groups?

Firstly, the masters of this mufti do not permit Salaat at all in the Musaajid. They have satanically closed the Musaajid. Secondly, the moron mufti has falsely claimed that during epidemics such as Amwaas, Muslims “prayed in small groups”. This is a blatant LIE. He has falsified historical facts either due to ignorance or due to cunning to appease his kuffaar masters whose boots he licks.

During the Plague of Amwaas and subsequent plagues which ravaged the Islamic world, Muslims flocked to the Musaajid in increasing numbers. The Musaajid were jam-packed. People cried and supplicated to Allah Ta’ala for succour and mercy. He has sucked out the ‘small groups’ lie from his thumb.

While he gives the names of a number of kitaabs, he has cunningly refrained from quoting therefrom because there is absolutely no support for the haraam effluvium he has disgorged in his copro-fatwa.
True Muslims stay away from the Musaajid, NOT because they believe disease is contagious, but because of government suppression and oppression. The gross weakness of our Imaan constrains our abstention from the Musaajid, not the virus which is under Allah’s command and control. It will affect only those whom Allah Azza Wa Jal has earmarked for punishment, and regarding the pious, for Shahaadat.

20 Sha’baan 1441 – 14 April 2020

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