Allah Ta‘ala is the Creator of viruses and plagues. Plagues are a punishment from Allah Ta‘ala for those who reject Him and a mercy for the true Believers (who gain the rank of a martyr if it causes them to pass away) [Musnad Ahmad #8305].
As many parts of the world go into “Lockdown”, it is a time to reflect: What has locked us down? Has the virus locked us down? NO. In reality, our sins have locked us down and drawn down this calamity upon us. Sins? What sins? As we often say: “I am not perfect,
but I am not a bad person!” So then what sins have locked us down? Let us peer deeply at our reflection in the mirror of the Quraan and Sunnah and see how good or bad we really are. Most of us will see our blatant disregard of the commands of Allah Ta‘ala
staring back at us.


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