An ‘energy healer’ calls his method of treatment ‘Aafiyah Healing’. He passes his hands over the body of the patient. He claims to transmit energy into the patient to unblock the sickness. He claims that he can heal over a distance. So he puts his energy in a bubble and sends it over long distances to different countries. Is this sort of treatment permissible in our Shariah?
All such claims are false and deceptions. The ‘energy healer’ is a devil-incarnate. His stupid method is a shaitaani inspiration. Aafiyah healing and similar other so-called ‘therapies’ are satanic sciences, All such ‘therapies’ are branches of Satanism.
The males who practice Aafiyah healing and other forms of Satanism are classified as saahireen (sorcerers). The female devils entangled in these shaitaani ‘therapies’ are saahiraat (witches).
While they parade themselves as Muslims, they are in reality bereft of Imaan. When a Muslim dabbles in these branches of Satanism, he/she loses his/her Imaan. They are genuine Satanists.
It is haraam to visit these Satanists and it is kufr to subscribe to their vile doctrines of kufr. Their method with hand movements is clear evidence for the Satanism they are involved in. Patients are liable to lose their Imaan without even realizing it. Muslims should stay far, very far from these agents of Iblees. With their satanic brand of hypnotism, they bamboozle and brainwash people. They are deceits pursuing the haraam boodle. They are evil and rotten to the core.
These fakes and agents of the Devil admix some Deeni aspects and incantations with their satanic methods to deceive Muslims by peddling the idea of their treatments and methods being upheld by the Qur’aan Majeed. Do not be fooled by such claims and displays of piety. Satanists are always operate by deceit and trickery.
Furthermore, beware of these male sorcerers. They freely intermingle with females who stupidly submit to the treatment of these quacks and bogus practitioners. They trap the female patients into zina relationships. They are shaitaani scoundrels who prey on females under guise of ‘healing’ them.
The witches are just as cunning and evil as the sorcerers. Their objective is money. They fleece the moron ‘patients’ whose stupidity does not permit them to see the reality of the satanic deception of these agents of Iblees. When crossing paths with these devils, sorcerers and witches recite Ta-awwuz, Surah Falaq, Surah Naas and Aayatul Kursi.
The Satanism they practice is extremely harmful for those who submit to the practitioners of satanology.

5 Sha’baan 1441 – 30 March 2020

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