Fatwa Of Mr. Taqi Usmani30032020


Is the following view of Mufti Taqi correct:
According to him if the Muslim ruler in a Muslim country suspends Jumuah
prayers because of some strong reason such as a medical reason or
something like it, then the ruling of the Sultan applies. He says that it is
written in Fataawa books such as Alamghiri that if the Muslim ruler
suspends Jumuah prayer, then you have to pray Zuhr at home. Only those
people are allowed to pray Jumuah at home who are living in non-Muslim
countries where Jumuah is suspended at Masjids.” Is this view correct?
Mufti Taqi has taken up residence in the domain of dhalaal (deviation) hence
he has become adept in issuing one cent bunkum fatwas which he substantiates
with Fiqhi and Hadith texts by misinterpretation to suit the whims of kuffaar
rulers with whom he associates and whom he bootlicks.
The texts in Alamghiri and other Kutub are not applicable to the kufr scenarios
prevailing today in the context of the virus plot of the kuffaar.
Pakistan has a decidedly kuffaar government. This kaafir government is not
like a Sultan who governs by the Shariah. Furthermore, never in Islam’s
history has any Sultan abolished Jumuah Salaat. No Sultan has suspended
Jumuah as Mr.Taqi seeks to convey by deception to the ignorant masses.
Mr.Taqi is satanically mis-applying the text of Alamghiri to provide kufr cover
for the kufr shenanigans of the Pakistan government regarding the current
virus panic. While according to the Shariah the kufr decree of the government
has no validity, people will automatically abstain from Jumuah, not because of

obedience to the kuffaar government, but on account of fear for the brutal persecution and oppression which will follow in the wake of defying the evil
rulers whom Mr.Taqi is supporting at the cost of ruining his Imaan.
There is no need for a fatwa to convince people to abstain from Jumuah in
Napakistan or in any other country where Jumua has been banned, Fardh
Salaat has been banned and the Musaajid closed down. A fatwa to abstain from
Jumuah is superfluous and stupid. People of their own accord will not go to the
Musaajid for fear of the brutality of the oppressive rulers and tyrants.
The motive of these munaafiq molvis and stupid once cent ‘muftis’ for issuing
fatwas to justify abstention from Jumuah and Fardh Salaat in the Musjid is
only to curry favour with rulers and governments. They most disgracefully lick
the boots of the kuffaar for the attainment of despicable nafsaani objectives.
The ‘medical’ reason posited by Mr.Taqi is satanically spurious. There is
absolutely no Shar’i validity for this bunkum reason urinated into the brains by
the devil.
The suggestion to perform Zuhr is another stupidity. Every Muslim, even the
fussaaq and fujjaar, with the exclusion of the zindeeqs and munaafiqeen, is
aware that when he is compelled by governmental oppression to forego
Jumuah, he has to perform Zuhr since there is no other alternative.
The stupid, kufr averment that “only those people are allowed to pray jumuah
at home who are living in non-Muslim countries where jumuah is suspended at
Masjids” clearly displays the malfunctioning of Mr.Taqi’s brains.
In Pakistan/Napakistan where Jumuah has been banned by the kuffaar
government on account of the virus bogey, the kuffaar rulers have done so in
submission to their kuffaar, conspiratorial masters. So far, the haraam kufr
order is the closure of the Musjids. The law has not banned performance of
Salaat – any Salaat – at home. It is therefore satanically stupid for Mr.Taqi to
claim that Jumuah Salaat while valid in homes in non-Muslim countries will
not be valid in Pakistan. He displays egregious stupidity in this satanic ‘fatwa’.
Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“Verily, I fear for my Ummah, the aimmah mudhilleen.”
In another narration, our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed greater
fear for these deviate muftis and molvis – greater than fear for even Dajjaal.

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