In the event of the government callously and unjustly enforcing its 100 man limit at the Musaajid on the occasion of Jumuah, the following should be noted:

(1) It will not be permissible for the trustees and Imaams of the Musaajid to debar any Muslim from participating in the Jumuah Salaat and Khutbah. Preventing a Muslim from joining the Jumuah Salaat will INVALIDATE the Jumuah Salaat of the entire Jamaa’t (congregation).

The validity of Jumuah Salaat relies on the condition of Ithnul Aam, i.e. free and unfettered permission to the general Muslim public to attend. It is therefore of paramount importance that Muslims (the trustees and Imaams) should not attempt to enforce the government’s decree. If they do, the Salaat of the entire congregation will be invalid.

(2) Should zindeeq and spineless trustees and imaams prevent any Muslim from joining the Salaat, then those who had participated in the invalid Jumuah Salaat should individually perform the four raka’ts of Zuhr.

(3) If the government posts policemen or guards at the Musaajid to compel compliance with their oppression, thereby preventing Muslims from entering the Musjid, then the Jumuah Salaat will be valid since the wicked act is not committed by Muslims. In this case there will be no need to perform Zuhr after Jumuah.

(4) Supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to destroy the munaafiqeen in our midst.

22 Rajab 1441 – 17 March 2020

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