Striving For Deen And The Sweetness Of Imaan – (Part 1)

Pearls Of Taqwa

Adapted from ‘Presents of Paradise (Part 2) by Ml Imran Kajee’

Colonel Ameerud-Deen (Rahimahullah), a great (daa’ee) inviter towards Islam, narrated the following:

In the ‘animal’ kingdom of America, where a man marries a man and a woman marries a woman, where a man and woman live under the common law without being married, where nudist colonies are common, in such an ‘animal’ kingdom, a dancing girl and her husband embraced Islam. They used to dance in the discos, where there are wine glasses, dim lights and little tables at which American girls with skimpy bikinis and little brassieres are seated. Many Muslims from all over the world go to these nightclubs, drinking and gambling.

It was decided by mashwarah that I should take a Jama’ah (group of inviters to Allah) to one such nightclub. When we rang the bell, a woman came out, wearing a small little brassiere and…

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