You can’t vaccinate against meningitis. There’s no such thing as a meningitis bug to vaccinate against. Meningitis is what happens when ANY bug or virus infects the meninges of the brain. You can’t catch brain inflammation off another person. You can’t become immune to it… Naturally or otherwise.

You can vaccinate against some of the bugs that have the potential to cause meningitis… But, every bug has the potential. Meningitis is more likely to occur when an illness is being mismanaged… Using antipyretics to lower a necessary fever for example or when the immune system is compromised ie following vaccinating.

Which is why meningitis is a listed side effect on EVERY SINGLE VACCINE INSERT. All vaccines are dangerous and pointless, but the meningitis vaccine is quite possibly the most pointless one of all.

13 Jamadul Awwal 1441 – 10 January 2020

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