The Mock “Free Speech” Stunt of the Western Extremists’

By Daniel Haqiqatjou

Every now and then, a “brave” atheist mocks Islam, burns pages from the Qur’an, publishes a cartoon insulting the Prophet ﷺ , etc., and justifies his attack by claiming that he is demonstrating the value of free speech.

You see, he explains, in the free and enlightened West, there is this golden principle called free speech that allows us to publicly say whatever we want about anything, no matter how offensive closed minded Muslims might find it. In fact, he argues, we must strive to be as offensive as possible on occasion because the more offensive we are, the more we demonstrate how free and liberated we are from authority – the more we demonstrate our belief that there is nothing that is sacred!

Whenever an atheist or liberal secularist in the West gives you this dumb lecture, simply ask him whether he is willing to demonstrate the beautiful, inviolable principle of free speech by publicly denying or mocking the Holocaust.

Then sit back and watch him squirm.
To date, you will find the bastion of “free expression” Charlie Hebdo magazine in France insult almost every religion with crude, disgusting portrayals of Jesus, etc. But they have never mocked anything related to that particular historical event.

Or how about all these brave atheists and “ex-Muslim” murtaddin who puff their chests and tell us about how oppressed they are while spewing the most vile words against Islam. Why don’t they extend the scope of insult and demonstrate “true” freedom? Why this limit to their willingness to offend? Why this selectivity? Are some things truly sacred for them?

Of course, I’m not advocating anyone publicly mock war and genocide. But that’s because of my religious principles coupled with the fact that I find the whole liberal argument for free speech and the connection between insult and freedom stupid and incoherent.

The free speech extremists, however, have to explain their arbitrary limits. They can’t.

The real question, then, is who decided what is or is not off limits for mockery? Are the edgy satirists at Charlie Hebdo and the atheists in the West really bucking authority and demonstrating their freedom when they mock Islam, which is not even considered sacred in the societies they live in? If they are as principled and brave as they constantly tell everyone they are, why don’t they move past the soft targets and publish something “truly” obscene?

You will find that they, too, are not willing to tolerate blasphemy against their gods.

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