an opinion of kufr

Q. Surah Kaafiroon clear-ly states (Verse 6): „To you be your way and to me, mine.‟ This reassures non- believers that Islam is a religion of tolerance, not compulsion. This verses seems to abrogate another verse which reads:
“O Prophet, fight against the disbelievers and hypocrites, Be harsh with them.‟
It appears that there is a contradiction.
A. In fact, this Verse and numerous other Aayaat assure them of Jahan-nam, and disgrace in this world and the Aakhirat. The very first thing you have to understand is that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “He who speaks (meddles) in the Qur‟aan with his opinion should prepare his abode in the Fire.” By having submitted the Qur‟aan to your opinion, you come within the purview of this Hadith as well as other Ahaadith.
On what basis have you opined that the Aayat in Surah Kaafiroon abrogates the other Aayat you have referred to? Are you an authority in the science of Nuskh? Are you a Mujtahid? Understand well, that today in the entire world, there is not a single authority of Nuskh (the Science of Abrogation). Not the greatest Allaamah or Shaikhul Hadith can claim to have this exper-tise. Yet, you, a laymen, lacking in every branch of Shar‟i Ilm have as-sumed upon yourself the way of securing an abode in Hell-Fire.
With your corrupt opinion you have sought to cancel countless Qur‟aanic Verses which explicitly refute the con-volution you have pre-sented. Your claim that there is a contradiction between the two Qur‟aanic verses is kufr. If you had a valid under-standing of the Qur‟aan, and this is possible only with qualified Ilm, you would not have so auda-ciously blurted out the kufr. Allah Ta‟ala says in the Qur‟aan Majeed:
“What! Do they not reflect in the Qur‟aan? If it (the Qur‟aan) was from (a source) other than Al-lah, they would have found in it abundant con-tradictions.” (An-Nisaa‟, Aayat 82)
Contradiction is totally negated by the Qur‟aan itself. This Aayat was directed to the kuffaar – the Mushrikeen of Mak-kah – who were experts in the Arabic language. Despite being implacable foes of Islam, they could not find any contradic-tions, but you who lack in Islamic Knowledge see contradiction!
Forget about under-standing what these verses mean. Resort to Taubah and adhere to the commands of the Shariah. In this lies the safety of your Imaan and the assurance of Najaat (Salvation) in the Aakhirat).

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