Q. A women‟s organization is propagating with Hadith the permissibility of women attending the Musjid. Is there any validity in their arguments based on Hadith.
A. We have published six books on the prohibition of women attending the Musjid. This fitnah is set to increase just as all other fitan as we approach Qiyaamah. The problem is that the molvis themselves are allowing this women‟s fitnah to gain momentum.
They lure the women into the public domain to listen to their lectures. The women therefore become more audacious regarding Salaat. If they can come to the Musjid to listen to talks, then why can‟t they come for Salaat. This is their baseless argument based on the haraam actions of the molvis.
Our booklets answer all the stupid and baseless arguments of the legalizers of this prohibition. The Tabligh Jamaat too is guilty of having made women audacious. If they can roam around for so-called tabligh, why can‟t they attend the Musjid for Salaat? This is another shaitaani baseless argument which stems from the haraam act of the Tabligh Jamaat. The crank „sufi‟ sheikhs are also guilty of having ruined the morals of women. They invite women to thikr sessions and for their bayaans. Thus, the women argue that to a greater degree should it be permissible for them to attend the Musjid. In brief, those who are supposed to be the people of the Deen are subverting the Deen. They have opened many avenues of haraam with their shaitaani „hikmat‟.

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