One thought on “renounce your atheism

  1. “Everything is temporally originated; it came into existence after it was nonexistent, so it must have had an originator. This means we have 10124 proofs that
    a Creator exists. This number constitutes the overall number of molecules with
    their functional activities throughout the universe. By the way this number is
    huge, it means 10 followed by 124 zeros! So, everything that “originated” and
    entered the sphere of existence is a proof that there is a Creator. If you looked
    around you and pondered the universe with its incidental characteristic and its
    constant change, you will find that it is accidental and ever-changing rather than
    being perpetual or eternal. Hence, you are proclaiming that it is not selfsubsisting, which will lead you to seek its originator to finally realize that it has a

    As usual, this is special pleading, insisting that “everything” is temporally originated, but then going “that doesn’t apply to my god.”

    The laws of physics may also be “eternal” like your god and they work quite well in explaining the existence of the universe. They at least can be shown to work, unlike a god, be it your god or some other theist’s god.

    Then we have your lie that someone would ask this very stupid question “Why couldn’t the human beings and other living organisms have all originated from other simple primates?”

    It’s always interesting when someone who has no idea what evolutionary theory says tries to lie about it and attack it. No atheist says that human beings or “other living organisms’ originated from “simple primates”. What evolutionary theory says is that interaction with an environment influences what attributes will become dominant in a living entity, be it plants or animals, or bacteria, etc. We have plenty of examples of species transition so again we have a Muslim lying to cling to his faith. Here is one link to evidence: there are more.

    “A. Insulin (the hormone that allows our bodies to use glucose) is secreted by
    the pancreas in the exact same amount of sugar we consume.” Nope, not at all. We have the evidence against your lie in the existence of diabetes.

    “The skull bones that are left un-fused at birth so the baby can easily cover
    the journey through the birth canal without breaking its head. Had these
    bones been fused the baby would have never been able to cover this
    journey except if its skull got broken. These bones stay un-fused till the
    brain is fully developed.”

    Nope, the skull is fused at 20 -24 months. The brain stops growing between 20-30 years.

    “16. Why can’t we have more than one perpetual creator?
    Allah says what means, “If there had been in the heavens and on the earth,
    other deities besides Allah, both the heavens and earth would be ruined…”
    (TMQ, 21:22).””

    also known as a circular argument “The qu’ran is true because the qu’ran says it’s true.” No evidence of that.

    It’s a shame that you choose to make false claims that are so easy to show wrong. Like most religions, yours is built on lies, willful ignorance and fear.


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