Muslims studying at universities in China are worse than swines. Before taking umbrage at this most appropriate designation for such scum, reflect on the following statement of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):
“He who imparts knowledge (of the Deen) to an unfit person is like one who garlands khanaazeer (swines) with diamonds, pearls and gold.”

Students who do not naturally and Islamically qualify for higher Islamic Knowledge have been likened to ‘swines’ in the Hadith. Thus, innumerable students who are pursuing even the Knowledge of Qur’aan and Hadith at even the Deeni Madaaris come within the purview of this Hadith in which they are depicted as khanaazeer. On the basis of this Hadith and on other Shar’i factors, those Muslims who are pursuing secular knowledge at Chinese universities are worse than khanaazeer. They cannot honestly and justifiably plead ignorance of the atrocities which the communist authorities of China are committing against the Uighur Muslims as well as other Muslim minorities. Some of these evils and atrocities are mentioned in these pages. How is it possible for Muslims to pursue secular education at the universities of the swine-eaters? Only those who are worse than swines are capable of displaying total insensivity and lack of Islamic brotherhood as demanded by Imaan. The Muslim students themselves lack the freedom to practice publicly even the lukewarm, diluted type of Islam which is the trademark of secular students who pursue education at these educational brothels. They are not free to perform Salaat in Jamaat openly. Their adherence to Islam is extremely slack and low key. Despite such indignities and swinery of the Chinese authorities, these students spinelessly accept the humiliation and ignore the suppression of their Uighur Muslim brethren. If they do have valid Imaan, they will not seek admission in Chinese universities. In fact, according to the Shariah it is haraam to pursue university education at any university any where in the world. A number of articles has been published on this topic. Imaan demands that Muslim students abandon the universities of the Swines and return to their respective countries.

al-haq bulletin 60

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