In the UP Province of India the police have banned performing Salaat in public places. The cowworshipers and drinkers of cowurine banning Salaat in public
places is not at all surprising. The supposedly secular constitution of the Hindu idolaters is a massive farce and deception to hoodwink morons. Morons believe in the ‘guarantees’ proffered by the scrap constitutions of the countries of this era.
It should be accepted that Muslims in India, as well as elsewhere in the world, are not regarded as communities integral with the kuffaar populations. Irrespective of the country being their birthplace and homeland, Muslims are treated as aliens. It does not matter in which country Muslims may be, in this age the Ummah is regarded as scum and flotsam. In fact, we are scum. Confirming this reality, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) informed the Sahaabah that a time will come when “you will be scum (ghutha) like the flotsam of floodwaters.
Our Mashaaikh say: “Kufr is one religion.” Regardless of the kufr being white, black, brown or yellow. All kuffaar are aligned with hatred against Muslims and Islam.
Of concern to Muslims should be their own treachery against Allah Ta’ala. It must be understood and remembered that all calamities have their preludes. The ban on Salaat enacted by the cow-worshippers is the consequence of the ‘ban’ on Salaat imposed by Muslims on themselves. A survey of the number of musallis attending the Musaajid will establish that a small percentage of the Muslim residents of a neighbourhood attend the Musjid for Salaat. Only on Fridays and ‘big’ nights and merrymaking functions are the Musaajid filled.
The primary utility of a Musjid is the performance of the five daily Salaat. But, all over the world, a very small percentage of Muslims fulfill this right of the Musjid. The Musaajid are desolate, and in terms of the Hadith:
“Their Musaajid will be ornate structures, but bereft of hidaayat.”
When the people of the neighborhood debauch the rights of the Musjid, the House of Allah invokes the curse of Allah Azza Wa Jal on them. When Muslims have placed a self-imposed ‘ban’ on performing Salaat in the Place where Salaat should be performed, namely the Musaajid, then it is futile and irrational to clamour about the banning of Namaaz outside the Musaajid by the cow-worshippers.
Muslims should fill the Musaajid daily five times to discharge this greatest obligation
imposed on us by Islam. Salaat is the central Pillar upholding the entire structure of the Deen. When Salaat is rectified and solidified, then Allah Ta’ala will do the rest. The fact that Muslims are today in subjugation of scum who drink cow-urine, who eat cow-manure, who worship cows and a myriad of stupid entities, including monkeys, snakes, and sexual organs, is indicative of Allah’s Wrath on us. All of this is the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. “If you aid (the Deen of) Allah, He will aid you.” (Qur’aan)

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