Q. I have noticed that a Mufti when answering questions on a radio sometimes goes overboard in the way he talks to the ladies with some of his jokes and comments. I believe that this sort of behavior doesn’t suit a Mufti Saheb. In fact he actually shouldn’t speak to non-Mahrams. Am I correct?
A. Yes, you are 100% correct. He should not speak to ghair mahram females. These radios without exception, are all traps of Iblees. Regardless who the Mufti or the Buzrug may be, once he is on the radio, he is trapped in the tentacles of shaitaan. These radio stations are voices of Iblees. They propagate shaitaaniyat and baatil under Deeni guise. The mufti and molvi’s Imaan is desensitized by the deluge of the zina voices with which they interact. Even their Aql becomes convoluted and filthied by the haraam female voices and other haraam paraphernalia associated with all these shaitaani radio institutions. When a mufti fails to understand the fitnah in the droves of females exhibiting their voices, and asking even questions which are in total conflict with Islam’s concept of hayaa, then it speaks volumes for the degenerate state of his Imaan, and for his drift from Allah’s proximity and his gravitation towards Iblees.
These women who come on air with their lewd questions posed shamelessly to males who have lost their Imaani bearings, are like zaaniyahs. They have no Imaani shame. Hayaa is an intrinsic attribute of Imaan – of the Imaan of both males and females although the degree of hayaa is substantially more in females. But their surfacing on the channels of shaitaan is the evidence for the elimination of their Imaani hayaa. Searching for aggrandizement, satisfying bloated egos, and pursuing other nafsaani and worldly objectives under Deeni cover are signs of Qiyaamah. It is haraam for a woman to ask questions over these Devil radios, and it is haraam for males to listen to their voices, and it is haraam for molvis to entertain their questions.
Q. A woman speaking on the radio to the mufti said that she was given a lift home from her work by a male co-worker. In the car he made sexual advances which she managed to somehow or the other ward off. In response, the mufti commented:  “At least rape didn’t happen.” Many people were aghast at this lewd, lackadaisical,
frivolous comment of the mufti.

Please comment.
A. The comment was most unbefitting and lewd. In fact, it was a haraam comment. The degree of Imaani desensitization which eliminates Imaani inhibition to fisq and fujoor, with which the mufti suffers, made him oblivious of the notoriety of his comment. Both the woman and the mufti are lewd. Undoubtedly the woman is a zaaniyah and the mufti fell in her trap.
After all, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that women are Habaailush Shaitaan (the Traps of Shaitaan). When males engage women amorously and express themselves frivolously then understand the veracity of Imaam Ghazaali’s observation. He said that when a man is enamoured and enticed by a woman then 80% of his brain cells become inoperative. Thus, the greater part of his brains is dead. He is spiritually blind and fails to understand what he blurts out to make a mockery of himself.

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