Q. Is there a hadith that refers to this time of the ummat, saying that if we follow one tenth of the Deen it will suffice? If yes, please can you explain the true meaning. Molvis are using this Hadith to condone and justify the wrong that molvis do. They validate their sins and transgressions on the basis of this hadith. They say that their sinful actions come under the scope of ‘one tenth’, therefore, there is no need to worry. I was sitting with one molvi who was saying that Imran Khan was a very good person, and that he has only a few mistakes like mixing with dancing women. He started using this ‘one tenth’ Hadith saying “people call him munaafiq”, but if Allah has given this Ummat leeway, then who are we to say so and so is bad, so and so is a munaafiq?
Does this Hadith really mean we can bend the Deen to accommodate haraam and immorality, and it will be acceptable to Allah Ta’ala?
A. The molvi who uses and misuses the ‘one tenth’ Hadith to justify and accommodate fisq, fujoor and haraam is either a moron or an agent of Iblees. The Hadith never means what stupid molvis are propagating. It is a capital sin to use a Hadith to justify fisq and fujoor, and to negate the prohibitions of the Shariah. The ‘one tenth’ refers to acts of Ibaadat and Taqwa. The Taqwa of the Sahaabah was of such a high level that neglecting even one tenth was intolerable for them. Thus, Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) said that the Sahaabah would abstain from ‘nine tenths’ (90%) of all halaal trade transactions for the fear of indulging in Riba. In our day, the very thought of abstaining from 90% halaal trade is a ‘mad man’s’ pipe dream. On the contrary, we plunge into inordinate depths of nafsaaniyat to halaalize explicit riba and haraam dealings. Hadhrat Umar’ statement is the actual tafseer of the ‘one tenth’ Hadith. In our day, we struggle to attain even one tenth the Taqwa and Ibaadat of the Sahaabah. But as far as haraam, fisq and fujoor are concerned, Muslims are required compulsorily to abstain 100% in exactly the same way as the Sahaabah. Thus, zina remains haraam for us 100% just as it was 100% haraam for the Sahaabah. It never means that the Sahaabah were allowed to commit 10% zina, and we in this age are allowed 90% zina. The ‘one tenth’ Hadith never means that the Sahaabah could engage in 10% association with dancing girls and prostitutes while we in this age are allowed to mix 90% with dancing girls and prostitutes like the character Imran Khan. It does not mean that the Sahaabah devoured 10% carrion, and we are allowed 90% carrion, and we shall then be Jannatis. The molvi who subscribes to such a convoluted idea is clearly under the spell of shaitaan. Iblees has urinated in his brains, hence he disgorges such insane reasoning. Haraam will always remains 100% haraam for Sahaabah and for all Muslims until the day of Qiyaamah. A Sahaabi who abstained from Tahajjud and all the Ibaadat which the later Fuqaha described as Nafl and Mustahab, would be doomed. Practically, all acts of Ibaadat ordered by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) were Waajib. There was no categorization of the A’maal into the Fiqhi classes formulated by the Fuqaha in later centuries. But if people of weak Imaan of our age are negligent and abstain from the deeds of Taqwa, they will not be doomed. This in a nut shell is the meaning of the ‘one tenth’ Hadith.

the majlis vol 23 num 12


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