Q. Is it permissible to sell livestock to non-Muslims? Can animals be sold to non-Muslims for breeding purposes? Some Ulama say that it is permissible.
A. Livestock may not be sold to non-Muslims. They will obviously kill the animals in their haraam manner. Animals should not be sold to non-Muslims for even breeding. The ultimate objective is to kill and eat the animals.
For monetary gain, one should not be a party in the commission of zulm. Even if some molvis say that it is permissible, do not follow them. The dry legalities and technicalities should be blended with Islamic morality.
The objective of our presence on earth is to prepare for the Aakhirat and this is possible only by adorning ourselves with Islamic morality (Akhlaaq-e-Hameedah). It does not behove a Muslim to become a cog in a system which incorporates zulm. Therefore, it is not permissible to aid in this system even if one does not do so directly.

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