Q. I was told that Hadhrat M a u l a n a M a s e e h u l l a h (Rahmatullah Alayh) and Hadhrat Shaikh Zakariyya (Rahmatullah Alayh) used to drink Horlicks Malted Milk
Drink. The ingredients are: Wheat flour (46%) (contains calcium carbonate, ferric pyrophosphate, niacin and thiamin), malted barley (26%), dried whey ( milk), sugar, calcium carbonate, dried skimmed milk, palm oil, salt, vitamin mix (vitamin C, niacin, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, riboavin, thiamin, folic acid, vitamin A, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12), ferric pyrophosphate, zinc oxide. Suitable for vegetarians.
What is the status of Horlicks?
A. A substance containing the deluge of poisonous ingredients listed by you is not permissible. Some are mushtabah, some haraam and most probably all are harmful for the health. Even if we have to assume that the two Senior Ulama mentioned by you had consumed this drink, it does not detract from the impermissibility. If they had indeed consumed this drink, then some moron mureed must have duped them.
We have observed that the Senior Ulama, on the basis of trust and confidence, become ensnared by the shenanigans of their students, moron mureeds and hosts who invite them. To extract daleel of jawaaz (permissibility), they trick the senior unsuspecting Ulama into a situation which they (the morons) later utilize to peddle their haraam views. Some moron mureed / student/host must have mislaid the two Hadhrats into believing that the ‘horlicks’ potion was ‘sweetened’ milk.
Once in our presence, someone asked Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh) about Fanta. Hadhrat replied: “Its alcohol content is mash-hoor (notoriously famous).”
Fanta does not contain the numerous ingredients of horlicks, yet on the basis of just one ingredient, Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh) condemned it. If he had been made aware of the plethora of filth in the ‘milk’, he would most assuredly have recoiled with aversion.
All of this is on the assumption that he had consumed by deception the horlicks product.
We venture to say that it is a LIE that these two Hadhrats used to drink horlicks habitually. We tarried years in Jalalabad. Never ever did any of his students observe Hadhrat consuming horlicks. Or any commercially prepared beverage. If they had consumed it, it would have been in South Africa and fed to them by deception.
On another occasion in Port Elizabeth, at the time of breakfast, cheese was served. Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh) asked this writer regarding the permissibility of cheese. I informed Hadhrat that some cheeses contain plant rennet and some animal rennet, and NO cheese in this era contains Infihah (i.e. the ingredient which was used in cheese during the time of Rasulullah – Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Hadhrat did NOT consume of the cheese.

MAJLIS 23 12

DEC 2016

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