Q. If I recite Surah Waaqiah in the Sunnat Salaat of Maghrib, will I receive the virtues mentioned about this Surah?

A. Reciting Surah Waaqiah out of Salaat during Maghrib time is a separate amal. Its virtues are restricted for reciting it separately out of Salaat.

Q. Is Zakaat payable on the money in a provident fund?

A. Zakaat is not payable on money in the provident fund. Zakaat will be payable only when one takes possession of the money.

Q. What is the Sunnah number of Taraaweeh raka’ts? Some say that it is preferable to perform Taraaweeh of 8 raka’ts at home.

A. 20 Raka’ts Taraaweeh Salaat are Sunnatul Muakkadah, not 8 raka’ts. It is best to perform it in the Musjid. One should not unnecessarily perform Taraweeh at home. The practice of the Ummah since the age of the Sahaabah was to perform Taraaweeh in Jamaat in the Musjid.

Q. What will happen to the universe on the Day of Qiyaamah? Will it be destroyed with the earth?

A. The earth will be destroyed completely. It is not known what will happen to our entire universe and the many other universes. Only Allah Ta’ala knows.

Q. It is said that duas are not accepted for 40 days when committing certain sins, e.g. drinking wine. Please explain.

A. If the person does not repent, then his dua will not be accepted for 40 days. If he repents, it will be accepted even before 40 days.

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