A Concerned Brother from Pakistan, explaining the evils of secular education, writes:
“In our times today, the only comfort I get is by reading your articles and books and turning towards the Salaf. Apart from this, everywhere I go it’s the same story. Majority of the ulama, shuyookh, it’s same. Dunia is muqaddam (has priority) over the Deen. I read that you said that you are not against secular education if the maahol (environment) is right, and that you against only mixed environment.
(This idea is erroneous –The Majlis)
The problem is that this secular education in itself is anti-Islam. It is not some kind of mubah (permissible) knowledge. The characteristic of this education is to breed the
love of dunia (the world) and to make one forget Aakhirat. No matter how good the environment is. I’ll give you an example. Darul Uloom Korangi (Mufti Taqi’s Madrasah)
has opened a school called Hira Foundation. “Hira Foundation School is a division of renowned Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi. It is an excellent Cambridge based schooling system, in which we stand committed to offer value based education with a goal to spruce our children in accordance with Islamic value.” –
The school is run by Mufti Taqi Usmani’s son. The website says: “Dr. Muhammad Imran
Usmani, son of Justice (Retd) Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, holds an LLB, M. Phil, and Ph. D. in Islamic Finance and graduated as a scholar wi th specialization (Takhassus) in Islamic Fiqh and fatwa from Jamia Darul-Uloom, Karachi. Dr.Usmani is the head of Hira Foundation School, a project of Jamia Darul Uloom, Karachi, with a vision to provide
high quality education to its students with its unique blend of modern academics with Islamic teachings. (It is a Shaitaani blend, like blending milk with swine’s urine – (The Majlis) The aim is to develop its students in becoming staunch and practicing Muslims with strong Islamic and moral values. The school serves as a cultivating ground for Muslim children, providing educational services from Pre-school to University level.”
The donkey degrees of Dr. Usmani and also his title (doctor) are laughable jokes which have no significance in the Shariah. Such advertised moronic, donkey degrees
display the disequilibrium of the bearer’s brains. He is essentially a bootlicker of the western kuffaar, hence the stupid shaitaani attempt to cast Islam into a mould acceptable to his western masters. These molvis and their hybrid ‘unique blend’ of
education are signs of Qiyaamah. The Deen is no longer imparted for the Aakhirat. The Ilm of the Deen is pursued for worldly and nafsaani objectives. This is the objective
of the Hira school. Among the signs of Qiyaamah, the Hadith mentions that “Ilm will be taught for reasons other than the Deen” and “with the amal of the Aakhirat, the dunya will be pursued.” The vision of the Hira school is misguided, myopic, oblique and satanic. Continuing his letter, the Brother states:
“Coming Back to my point, secular education – its very conception is anti-Islam. I want to give you a small example. I have neighbours whose whole family is mureed of Hazrat
Hakeem Akhtar Sahib. After his death they turned to some khalifah of Hakeem Akhtar Sahib. The whole family is pardah daar (observers of purdah) and deeni. Not only the immediate family but also their uncles and cousins. Their 8 and 6 year old children study
in this Hira Foundation. The grandfather always brings his grandchildren for Namaz. One day I saw him alone. I asked him: “Where are your children?” He said they had
to do homework. I said: “Homework? You left jamaat for homework? It’s understandable for the 6 year old but the 8 year old?” (No, it is not understandable from the Islamic
perspective for even the 6 year old who was being brought regulalrly for Salaat. – (The Majlis) He said: “I told them (the women) to send the children, but they said they have to do homework.”
(In the Qur’aan, Allah Ta’ala says: “O People of Imaan! Some of your wives and children are your enemies. Beware of them!” – The Majlis)
Hazrat this incident is enough to show what this secular education is all about. Secular education’s conception is for money making, earning dunia. It’s teaching 8 years old that homework is more important than going to Masjid for namaz.” (End of the Brother’s letter)
The villainy of westerntype secular education in the form imparted and indoctrinated, does not stop at teaching 8 year olds that homework is more important than Namaaz.
It ruins Islamic morality (Akhlaaq-e-Hameedah) and eradicates Imaan.
Muslim students and their moron parents are indoctrinated to believe that writing secular exams is more important and imperative than Salaat and even Saum. Aqaaid are assigned to the realm of superstition and fairy tales.
A mockery is made of the Sunnah. When we say that secular education is permissible if the environment is proper, we do not restrict this permissibility to only purdah. Even if the institution is only for girls or only for boys, then too, the environment is haraam, hence pursuing the education in the haraam environment will be haraam.
The entire system has to be overhauled for the sake of permissibility.
The entire curriculum –all aspects of it – have to be Islamisized for it to be permissible. The whole syllabus is loaded with fisq, fujoor and kufr. The personnel manning these institutions are fussaaq, fujjaar and even kuffaar masquerading as Muslims.
Children being for years in the suhbat of such villains, emerge from these schools and universities as villains with disdain for the Deen and kufr in their hearts. No one emerges unscathed from these haraam institutions even if some manage to crawl out with their Imaan intact. Every molvi who pursued higher secular education for the acquisition of donkey degrees, assigns the Deen a secondary role. The Deen becomes the handmaid of their secular accomplishment, and will invariably be interpreted to be subservient to secular theories and concepts. All of them become bootlickers of the west. That is why they discern honour in donkey degrees. Secular education imposed on Muslims is the greatest achievement of the West. With this satanic education have they succeeded to install kufr governments in every Muslim land without exception.
May Allah Ta’ala save us from this colossal satanic calamity and curse.

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