Death of Shaitaan

Ahnaf bin Quais [RA] once set out to visit Hazrat Umar [RA] in Madinah Munawwarah. On his way, he saw a gathering of people in which Hazrat Kaib Ahbari [RA] was addressing the people and Ahnaf [RA] decided to sit down and listen to the talk.

Kaib Ahbari [RA] was saying that when Hazrat Adam [AS] passed away, he asked Allah Ta’ala whether Iblees was extremely happy over his death? He will remain alive until Qiyamat. The answer he received was that, “Adam, after your death, you will be taken to Jannat and the
cursed shaitan will remain in this world until Qiyamat.” At the end of this world, death will come to him like it will come to all human beings. Adam [AS] asked about the state of Shaitaan at the time of his death. The Angels began detailing his death but Adam [AS] was unable to listen anymore because of its frightening and ugly nature. Kaib also stopped at this point and refused to say any more and kept silent. The audience repeatedly pleaded with Kaib [RA] to explain the details of Shaitan’s death. After growing insistence of the people, Kaib [RA] agreed.

When Qiyaamah would come, people will be busy in the market places when suddenly there will be a heavy ‘thump’ where many people will fall unconscious. Allah Ta’ala would then say to the Angel of Death [Malakal Maut], ‘I have made you the best helper and made you equally to them the strongest. Go wear the clothes of My anger and remove the soul of the cursed one; and inflict such pain unto him, more than that of all human beings and Jinn. Inform the Angel [of Jahannam] to open the door of Jahannam.’ Malakal Maut with a multitude of Angels will
descend on the earth and if human beings had to see them, they would melt owing to their fear.

Once the group of Angels reach Iblees they will let out a loud thundering and threatening sound as an assault on him. Iblees will attempt to run away. If the people of this world had to hear this, they will drop unconscious. Malakal Maut will say to Iblees, ‘You are wicked – you had a very long life destroying the lives of countless people who will enter Jahannam with you. Today you will be tasting death. Your time has finally expired and you will never be able to escape from it.’ In a fit of fright, Iblees will speed away to the east and then to the west, but at every point Iblees will attempt to hide under the depths of the sea, but the oceans will throw him out. Finally, Iblees will present himself at the grave of Adam [AS] saying, ‘O Adam! It is because of you that I am cursed. How I wish that you were not born.’ Then he will turn to Malakal Maut and pleadingly ask as to how much more difficulty and pain he must endure before taking his soul. Malakal Maut will answer saying, ‘It will be the pain and difficulty of all the people in Jahannam and even much more, and more than that will be the pain.’ Hearing this, Iblees will tremble and scream uncontrollably running from place to place and eventually wherever death is destined, he will die there.

That place will be bright red like the flames of fire and at that place there will be hardened black excrement and Iblees will toss about restlessly on it until his life will be taken out.

It will then be sent to Adam [AS] and Hawa [AS] to have a peep and see their enemy being in such a state of disgrace at the time of his death. They will take a look and become happy saying, “O Allah! You have fulfilled Your favour unto us.” [Rowdatus Saaliheen]

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