Q. Supporters of the Shiahs are saying that The Majlis had published many articles in support of Khomeini. Please comment.
A. The supporters of the Shiahs are morons and fitnahmongers. Despite being aware
of the reality, they spread falsehood to achieve the objective of their deception. Yes, some decades ago we had published many articles in support of Khomeini and his revolution. At that time we were completely unaware of the reality of Shi’ism. But, when the Haqq came to light, we issued a categorical retraction, and initiated our programme of severely criticizing Khomeini and Shi’ism, and we continue doing so to this day.
It will therefore be wrong and not permissible for anyone to propagate that we have conflicting views on Shi’ism. A retraction cancels out the previous view, hence it will be dishonest and not permissible to attribute the earlier view to the one who had retracted it.

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