Q. Who has the greatest right to name the child / baby?
Sometimes grandparents wish to name the baby and they believe it is their right to name the grandchild.
In a situation of separation or Talaaq, where the father is not by the baby, who has the right to name the baby? Will it be the mother because the baby is living alone with the mother?
A. The issue of naming the baby should be settled by mutual agreement and amicably. Shaitaan utilizes every small opportunity to create considerable friction and enmity in the family. As long as the name is good, the parents should accept the wish of the grandparents. This is an issue which has some ramifications. For example, the father wants to give a name of his choice, but his father (the dada) selects another name.
If the dada is stubborn and insists on naming the child, the father should relent and accept the dada’s choice as long as the name has no evil connotations. In lawful things, it is incumbent to obey parents, hence the dada’s wish should be accepted although it is not his right. It is actually the father’s right.
However, if the child’s mother wishes to choose a name, the father should not cause her grief by rejecting her choice. After all, she bore the baby travail upon travail, hence the father should give her the right.
Even in a situation of Talaaq, the above explanation is applicable.

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