Please comment on the practice of completing the whole Qur’aan Shareef in Taraaweeh in one night. This practice has been advertised as follows:

As salaamou alaykum

Alhamdolillah Shukr completed 1 night taraweeh Quran Khatam with our cousin Hfzsab Yusuf Jassat Azaadville.

1st rakaat completed 25 paras.

Started at 7.30pm until 3.15am.

The last 5 paras read in the remaining 19 rakaats.completed about 10 min before sehri end.

Allah be praised. Allah accept.

(End of advert)


The objective of Ibaadat is the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. It is haraam to advertise a man’s private ibaadat. If Yusuf Jassat is aware of the advert but does not prevent it, then it indicates Riya.

Ibaadat stemming from riya is shirk-e-asghar (the lesser shirk). Instead of thawaab, there is athaab for such mock ‘ibaadat’.

If a man sincerely desires to make khatam of the Qur’aan Majeed in one night in Salaat or out of Salaat, it should be a secret between himself and Allah Ta’ala. It is haraam and most despicable to advertise it. Why have they advertised this act? What benefit is discerned in the advert? Is it Sunnah to make khatam of a Qur’aan in Taraaweeh in one night?

Today, the Deen is utilized for purposes of aggrandizement. The dunya is pursued with acts of the Aakhirat. In the Hadith this is mentioned as a sign of Qiyaamah. May Allah Ta’ala save us from the evils of the nafs and the snares of shaitaan.

4 Ramadhaan 1440 – 10 May 2019

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