• Never hand your pay-packet to your wife
• Never introduce your wife into your business
• Never inform her of the amount you earn
• Never inform her of what you spend on your parents and other needy relatives
• Never make it an obligation on you to take her out every weekend for a drive, etc.
A man should treat his wife kindly and justly. Spend on her lavishly within your means. Do not be miserly. Buy her gifts. Tolerate her indiscretion and nonsense. Assist her in the home. Do not impose your worldly desires on her. Do not regard her as your maid. Provide a maid for her if you can afford. But, never break the ‘NEVER’ rules enumerated above. Remember that most wives are extremely spiteful. From the very first day of their arrival they cherish an inveterate dislike for their inlaws. They conspire to dominate their husbands and will plot to sever his ties from his parents and other relatives. A man must not destroy his Imaan by abandoning his parents at the evil behest of his wife. A man will remain independent and will be able to freely engage in acts of Sadqah(charity) and Silah Rahmi (Kindness to relatives) as long as he does not introduce his wife into his business affairs. A wife craves the inordinate desire that her husband must spend every cent he earns on her and her children. Most wives abhor that their husbands spend on their needy relatives – parents, brothers, sisters, etc. Marriage does not and cannot extinguish the Huqooq which a man has to fulfil towards relatives and the community.

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