Q. In which group of the Tablighi Jamaat should I sit to listen to the bayaans? I am really confused by the dissension in the Jamaat.
A. Do not align yourself with any of the two factions of the Tabligh Jamaat. There is too much shaitaaniyat in them right now. You may sit in their programmes whether it is the Nizamuddin faction or the Raiwand faction as long as they adhere to the Six points of the Jamaat. The moment they introduce the evil leadership politics, take leave and do not become embroiled in their satanism of gheebat about one another.
Q. Should I go to Raiwand or Nizaamuddin for 40 days?
A. Do not go to Nizaamuddin nor to Raiwand for any Tabligh activity. Restrict yourself to local Jamaat activity. Attend the programmes of both groups. There should be no affiliation to one faction. The root of the evil leadership struggle is in Raiwand and Nizaamuddin. You will become contaminated in either place.
Q. Some Aalims are with the Raiwand jamaat and some with the Nizaamuddin jamaat. They encourage one to join their respective groups. What should be a layman’s reaction?
A. If an Aalim has aligned himself to one faction, then do not accept his advice on this issue. He will obviously be prejudiced against the opposite faction. Remain neutral and sit in the bayaans of both factions.
Q. How can one avoid the politics of the two groups?
A. You can avoid the politics of the nafs by simply not aligning yourself to any group. Listen to the talk and the kitaab-reading, etc. of both groups.

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